My Poem “The Blessing”

The beauty of the morning light
can often take your breath away...
the frigid conditions of a Winter's day
can often make you wish
that you could stay in bed...
the sound of the birds chirping in the trees
can make you feel hopeful and optimistic
for what might lie upon the path in front of you -
especially when you look around
at where you live and you are captivated
by what you see on display...
for some people when they experience rubatosis -
the acute and often unsettling awareness
of their own heart beating in their chest -
it can make them think about and wonder
whether and when their mortal journey
will come to an end.

Every morning when I wake up
I open my eyes and I question
whether what I am looking at is real,
or whether I am still dreaming -
but it usually doesn't take me long
to realize that everything around me
is what is happening,
because if I were still dreaming
then I would be leaping around
in my mind to places, to times,
and to possibilities that I would
mostly be uncontrollable.

Whenever I have looked out
to the waves of an ocean,
or above to the stars of the night sky,
I have often been spellbound
and hypnotized by the fact
that no matter where I go and what I do
I cannot effect that which has been
in motion for longer than there
has been a moon...
I have always loved the magic
of not knowing everything
and considering every day
the first step on an adventure
into the unknown as well as an exploration
into the depths of the familiar -
because I have always believed
that if given the gift to be able to learn
about somewhere, about something,
or about someone, what have we got to lose?

There is a reason why the sun
and the moon rise and set every day...
there is a reason why life is short
and why memories are important...
there is a reason why when we look
at something or someone we see them
as being beautiful, indescribable, special,
and a perpetual blessing.

My Poem “My Beautiful Muse”

You love me, I love you…
you inspire me, I inspire you…
we are each others’ world,
star, life, and moon…
Since the moment I met you
you have opened my eyes
to places and to things
that I never knew
but always hoped to be true.

I believe that our meeting
one another was no mere fluke –
because over the days, the months,
the weeks, the years
that we have known each other
and have been a part
of each others’ lives
I have discovered within you
and within myself gifts
and blessings that are hoped for
by the many but are only
found by the few.

When you share a love
as deep, as strong, as powerful,
as passionate, as phenomenal,
and as amazing as the one that we share
you want to do things
and you want to go to all the places
that lie on the borderline
between the worlds of the simple
and the complex,
and you want to leap into what you see,
what you hear, what you feel,
what you know, and what you
would rather die than to lose…
you and I live in a world of love,
and I will always love you,
because you are my life and my world,
my beautiful muse.

My Poem “Everything to me”

On February 24th, 2016,
you and I walked a train-line straight and true
and I was happier than I had ever been
because I was with you…
We were walking near the Nickajack cave,
in Marion County, Tennessee –
the same cave they say that Johnny Cash –
The Man in Black – entered to end his life,
and the same cave where he found divinity…
I can still remember every moment
that we walked alongside the Tennessee River,
holding hands, talking to each other,
and at one point me picking you up
and carrying you so that your shoes
wouldn’t get muddied…
You and I shared so much together
that day, and every day since…
You and I are more in love now
and are stronger than ever…
You and I are something special…
you and I are phenomenal,
and I have never known the love
that I feel for you before…
every day I feel born again
in your beautiful light –
which to me is stronger
and more incredible than that of the sun…
to be with you for the rest of my life
is all that I could ever want or ever need…
being with you is a blessing, a gift,
a dream come true that means
everything to me.

My Poem ‘A beautiful day’

Into the green… out to the blue…
walking over vast fields
as the Summer flowers come into a bloom…
leaving footprints in a hot sandy-beach
until you reach the cool water
of a beautiful coral-filled lagoon…
the sun above your head…
the air around you warm…
the sight and the sound of wildlife
running to and from their burrows and their nests…
the feeling of peace, serenity, and calm…
the Summer is here…
the season of energy and splendor has begun…
everything and everyone is basking in nature’s beauty –
some people are walking… some people are gliding
and flying like a bird
without any sense of fear or concern.

Maybe it is the sunshine
that makes me feel so optimistic?
Maybe it is the bright blue
of the sky that fills me with so much hope?
Maybe it is the warmth of the sun on my skin
that makes today feel like every second
is a moment of magic?
Maybe it is seeing people smiling and enjoying life
that fills my heart and my mind
with inspiration that I want to share with others
and leave people with an air
of happiness and contentment –
like a sea-breeze that slowly
propels the sails of a sail-boat?

On days like this
there are so many things you can and want to do,
and there are so many things that happen
that you see and feel and want to say…
when it is a day like today –
when the sun feels almost close enough
and safe enough to touch
without getting burned –
when you just want to make the most
of the gift of sunlight in every way…
whatever you are doing,
being outside is a gift and a blessing
for those who are lucky enough
to be able to enjoy all that comes
with the paradise of a sunny
and beautiful Summer’s day.

My Poem ‘Almost too much’

Life can be tough…
life can be mean…
life can be rough…
if you have seen what I have seen,
and if you have felt what I have felt,
then you will know exactly what I mean.

Is life really a game of luck?
Is life really a lottery
that we don’t know we are a part of?
Has life got to be hard
for us to understand how precious it is?
Have we got to struggle and fight
to know what this world we all live in truly is?

Sons and daughters
should not have to watch
their mothers and fathers suffer;
I know that life isn’t always fair,
but I just wish that all the love within me
and within all the people of the world
who truly care about others
could be to every cancer the most powerful cure.

I am hopeful…
I am romantic…
I do believe that the world, the universe,
is amazing, miraculous, and wonderful…
I believe that no matter what happens in life
the best thing is to not panic –
but that doesn’t mean that I do not fear
losing those who I love and who make me who I am,
and that does not mean that I do not
sometimes get scared
and my thoughts and my emotions
regress to those that I remember having
before I grew into the man that I am.

Life is a journey of mind, body, and spirit;
life is a storm of surprises, sometimes;
life goes by faster than you might think,
and there ultimately comes a day
when you look back in time
and you wish that you could relive
the moments that made you the happiest in your life
that you can’t help but miss;
life can be both a blessing and a test of soul –
it can sometimes take all your will
to keep you from losing your mind;
the days that you spend in life in love
and being loved are never enough;
life can almost be too much…
however, no matter what,
never lose what matters the most: your love.

My Poem ‘The Genie’

Real life genie’s present themselves
and pop up unexpectedly in our lives all the time,
and sometimes they appear before they are summoned;
genie’s of all shapes, colours, and sizes,
rise before our very eyes and make themselves known
to be a guide, to be an angel who has blessings to bestow,
and as a friend who has the power
to make more than wishes come true;
there are genie’s who can open up whole brand new worlds,
and who can give a light to live by
brighter than that of the sun.

I used to be a genie.
I used to be the one everyone came to,
and asked to be granted their heart’s desire;
the gift to be able to give someone anything,
the power to be able to send anyone anywhere,
the touch and the omnipotent will to make any thought a reality,
was what was always there in the palm of my hands –
but after a lifetime, which felt like an infinity
of only being called upon when someone wanted something,
and used as a means to an end, I grew tired of the rub
of the life that was all that I knew,
and I left my lamp behind, and I chose to retire.

I still hear people looking for me,
and sometimes calling out for me –
but that has not happened in a while,
and it is usually when they have no one else to turn to,
or if they want a quick fix to their problems,
and want someone or something to do what they can’t.
I admit that I do still use my influence,
and my wisdom and knowledge to help others from time to time,
and I do grant a wish or two occasionally
when I am in the mood, and I can genuinely see and feel
someone is desperate for something that they really want.

I am one of thousands of genie’s, and ex-genie’s,
who live to just do good and use their gifts
to better someone’s life,
but most of us are invisible upon first look,
and live a day to day life and job, like me.
The secret to attaining what you want
and what you wish all of the day for,
is to first look and see if you already have
what you think you don’t have around you, inside you;
and the trick is to ask yourself first for what you want,
before you go looking for, rubbing the lamp of,
and asking to be granted wishes,
by the powers of a genie.


My Poem ‘Albatross’

We all have our deep and dark fears;
we all want our own space,
but we never want to be completely alone;
we have all tasted loss and tears;
we all, sometimes, just want to hold someone,
and to be held by someone;
we all crave to hear a voice on the other end of a phone;
we all sometimes make the mistake of forgetting
who and what to us is a vital good luck charm.

I would not want to live without my muse;
I would not want to exist just in my head;
I would do anything to not be there to see
what lies at the other end of a burning fuse;
I would give everything, I would give my life,
to un-say some things that should never have been said.

Everything is meant to happen,
make no mistake in thinking
that life has a rewind button;
every stone cast out into an ocean
will fly, skip, and find its final resting place
on the sea floor;
you cannot ever know
where your final resting place will be,
but the choice of what we will find
and who will receive our last kiss and wish
is one that is always open to us all.

To be saved from ourselves,
we need to listen;
to be restored,
we need to remember who we are;
to live, we need to enliven;
to find our way,
we must follow the light of a guiding star.

Every feeling we have is a sign of deep truth;
every path can also be a frozen lake
that we must choose to go around, or walk across;
every heart-racing moment takes us back to our youth;
every thought and every action
can be both a blessing and a curse,
but they should feel like a triumph to be celebrated,
and not a burden to carry around with you,
like a metaphorical Albatross.