My Poem ‘Albatross’

We all have our deep and dark fears;
we all want our own space,
but we never want to be completely alone;
we have all tasted loss and tears;
we all, sometimes, just want to hold someone,
and to be held by someone;
we all crave to hear a voice on the other end of a phone;
we all sometimes make the mistake of forgetting
who and what to us is a vital good luck charm.

I would not want to live without my muse;
I would not want to exist just in my head;
I would do anything to not be there to see
what lies at the other end of a burning fuse;
I would give everything, I would give my life,
to un-say some things that should never have been said.

Everything is meant to happen,
make no mistake in thinking
that life has a rewind button;
every stone cast out into an ocean
will fly, skip, and find its final resting place
on the sea floor;
you cannot ever know
where your final resting place will be,
but the choice of what we will find
and who will receive our last kiss and wish
is one that is always open to us all.

To be saved from ourselves,
we need to listen;
to be restored,
we need to remember who we are;
to live, we need to enliven;
to find our way,
we must follow the light of a guiding star.

Every feeling we have is a sign of deep truth;
every path can also be a frozen lake
that we must choose to go around, or walk across;
every heart-racing moment takes us back to our youth;
every thought and every action
can be both a blessing and a curse,
but they should feel like a triumph to be celebrated,
and not a burden to carry around with you,
like a metaphorical Albatross.