A Poem A Day #2: My Poem “The Theory of Poetry”

“The Theory of Poetry” by Mark Hastings was taken from Mark’s poetry collection ‘Poet of the Sphere’ which was published in 2012 by Zeloo Media. Check out more of Mark’s poetry online @ http://MarkThePoet.Me – all poems © Mark Hastings

A Poem A Day #1: My Poem “The Poet”

“The Poet” by Mark Hastings was taken from Mark’s poetry collection ‘Poet of the Sphere’ which was published in 2012 by Zeloo Media. Check out more of Mark’s poetry online @ http://MarkThePoet.Me – all poems © Mark Hastings

Episode #35: ‘Doctor Who’ – S8, E4: “Listen” (2014), a review

In this episode Mark does a review of one of his favourite episodes from one of his favourite TV series: ‘Doctor Who’ – S8, E4: “Listen” (2014) written by Steven Moffat and directed by Douglas Mackinnon. Starring Peter Capaldi as The Doctor and Jenna Coleman as Clara Oswald.

My Poem “Zen”

For there to be white,
there must and black...
for there to be light,
there must be dark...
for there to yin
there must be a yang...
for there to be stars, heat,
and life on any given planet,
there must be the cold and hostile
vaccum of space for the two opposing
forces of nature - life and death -
to have their way and test the limits
and the extremes of their own potential...
for good to prevail
there must be evil to vanquish...
for hope to win in the end
there must be the shadow of doubt
to sometimes struggle with...
for the best of the best to be crowned
there must be ups and downs
from which lessons are learned
which inspire others down the road
who are on their own journey of self-discovery...
for the entirety of this version of the universe
there has existed both
the beginning and the end,
the start and the finish,
the Go and the Stop,
the found and the lost -
but there are places where and when
the interconnected consciousness
of all living things communicates
with one another consciously
as well as unconsciously,
that some have even reported
to have visited and returned from
feeling changed and brand new:
nirvana, heaven, Eden,
space, the frontier, the edge,
high above the clouds
or deep below the ocean -
after which they can both perceive
and understand forever that
the balance that keeps the wheels
of existence rolling as serenely
as a sphere of energy spinning through space,
that is both perfect and imperfect at the same time,
would have to be one of the most
wonderful symbols in existence
that captures the true essence
of what it means to be zen.

Episode #34: “Beetlejuice” (1988 film)

In this episode Mark talks about one of his favourite films: the 1988 American fantasy comedy film “Beetlejuice”, directed by Tim Burton. The film stars Alec Baldwin and Geena Davis as Adam and Barbara Maitland, a recently deceased couple who become ghosts that haunt their former home, who attempt to scare away the new residents of their house, the Deetz family – consisting of Charles, Delia, and Lydia (played by Jeffrey Jones, Catherine O’Hara, and Winona Ryder). But when the Maitland’s seek some assistance in scaring away the Deetzes they ask for help from an obnoxious and devious poltergeist named Betelgeuse/Beetlejuice (played by Michael Keaton), but unfortunately turns out to be more than both families can cope with.

My Poem “The Evening Sky”

Against the blue and gold hue of the sky
at sunset I watch the silhouette of
a flock of birds fly across the sky,
as the daylight drains away
and darkness rises...
the moments of twilight are so beautiful
that I cannot look away,
because I am always entranced
by the transition between the world
of day and the world of night...
there has always been something
magical to me about sitting
in the dark, while watching and waiting
for the clouds to clear and the divine
light of the stars to pierce through
the vastness like some kind of celestial knives...
I love living where I live -
in the countryside and away
from the city sights and sounds -
because I am able to be inspired
by nature, up close and personal,
and every day and every night
look up to the sky and feel as if
I can see the face of heaven
looking back at me, perfect and bright,
at the same time gifting me
a vision and some sort of second sight
that makes me feel like
a shooting star arching from left to right
unimpeded through the evening sky.

Episode #33: “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” (2013 film)

In this episode Mark talks about one of his favourite films: the 2013 American adventure comedy-drama film “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty” directed, co-produced by, and starring Ben Stiller. The second film adaptation of James Thurber’s 1939 short story of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty”, the story revolves around Walter Mitty, a negative assets manager at Life magazine who regularly daydreams adventures and who has a crush on a coworker named Cheryl Melhoff (played by Kristen Wiig), who gets sets off on a real life adventure around the world, walking in the footsteps of legendary photojournalist Sean O’Connell (played by Sean Penn) and in search his negative #25 which he describes as being the “quintessence of Life” and the most perfect photograph for the final issue of the print version of Life magazine.

Episode #32: “Squid Game” (TV series), a review

In this episode Mark does a review of the critically acclaimed South Korean survival drama Netflix television series “Squid Game”. The series centres on a contest in which 456 players, from all different walks of life but who each are deeply in debt, participate in a set of children’s games for the chance to win a ₩45.6 billion prize – however the penalty for losing in a game is death, which leads to an intense experience for every player as they fight to stay alive and make it to the end of the game so that they can be the sole winner of the prize money.

Still The Dreamer, Still living The Dream

I realised today that it has been six years since the publication of my poetry collection “The Dreamer and The Dream”, so as an homage to the cover of my book I thought that I would recreate it by taking another picture wearing the same t-shirt as I was wearing when I posed for the original photo. It has been six years, and although some things have changed and some things remain the same, one thing that has never changed and hopefully will never change is that I am still The Dreamer and I am lucky enough to still be living The Dream of being a poet, a writer and an author. And I can still fit in the same π themed t-shirt too! 🙂🖋📝📖📚👕

My Poem “The Chair of Chairs”

There is something about
the energy, the memory, the legacy,
and the connection attributed
to a particular chair that,
though it may not be called as such,
is a throne in its own right
because of the way that it gives a
rise and an ascendancy in power
and inspiration to whomever sits in it...
there is an impression, a weight,
an indentation that is left by every
sitter in every seat that can be
as individual as that of a person's fingerprint.

There are chairs that are legendary...
there are chairs that are just as
synonymous as the person who
used them many times for rest,
for relaxation, or for perhaps other
purposes beyond what a chair
was first thought to be used for...
there are chair's that helped in the
delivery of a person into the world
and there are chair's that have been
used to execute people
after being charged, convicted,
and sentenced for heinous crimes
of which they are guilty...
there are chairs that were designed
and built specifically to assist in the
comfort, the protection, and safety
of someone flying on a plane;
and there are chairs that are like
the trees from which they were built
and will forever be thought of as
precious and timeless works of art.

There are some things that you can
do lying down, standing up, or even
while floating upon the water of a swimming pool;
however, there are some things that people do -
painting, or writing, for example -
that can only be done if and when
someone is where and when
they need to be to create art and poetry...
there are some activities that can be undertaken
while doing other things simultaneously,
but, for some people, they can only
attain the required focus that they need
to do what they need to do
only when they feel constrained,
but at the same time free...
there are some things that you
simply can only be effective at doing
when you have the right tools
at your disposal and you can
make the most of every moment
without a worry or a care...
there are some moments
when you can feel as if you have been
transported backwards or forwards -
to first times, to last times, to emotional times,
to happy times, to sad times, to times of
to times in your life that will always
be unforgettable for one reason or another -
that you can only be transported to
while sitting somewhere that is
like nowhere else on Earth,
because to you that place, that seat,
is more than a chair and is more like
a rocket ship to another world:
and that place is what I like to call
"the chair of chairs".