A Poem A Day #341: Read my thoughts

“Read my thoughts” by Mark Hastings was taken from Mark’s poetry collection ‘The Dreamer and The Dream’ which was published in 2015 by Zeloo Media. Check out more of Mark’s poetry online @ http://MarkThePoet.Me – all poems © Mark Hastings ● Buy Me a coffee @ https://www.buymeacoffee.com/MarkThePoet

My Poem “In The Zone”

Usually when I am getting from A to B
from the West Side to the East Side
of one of my favourite cities,
when I am alone, I am always in "The Zone"...
usually I am quick on my feet -
but all the while I am always looking around
at what I see and what jumps out at me
as I travel down the many
interconnected paths and streets...
usually I am thinking, listening, feeling,
and taking in everything that every thing
and every one is constantly transmitting
and broadcasting like a megaphone...
usually when I am making the most of my free time -
when I am not watching a film at the cinema,
when I am not shopping in an
entertainment store or a bookstore,
when I am not writing in my favourite cafe -
I am just walking around somewhere
I know like the back of my hand 
and somewhere I could navigate with my eyes closed,
so much so I probably do just that in my dreams...
usually I do not anticipate seeing someone I know;
however, occasionally, because of mere chance,
coincidence, or perhaps by design,
I will be stopped in my tracks
by the sound of my name
being uttered by someone who knows me
and I momentarily find myself
at a loss for words until my racing thoughts
catch up with the reality that I see...
usually I do not have a definitive
or a previously planned path
that I wish to travel down -
because like a bird that can sense
the magnetic field of the Earth
I use my instincts to draw me
to where the universe is calling me to be...
usually when I am doing anything -
whether I am walking around a city,
or sitting down writing with my pen
or tapping away at the letters of a keyboard -
I am on the hunt for inspiration
in all it's multiple forms,
and I am never left empty-handed
or empty minded whenever I return
to the sanctuary of my home...
usually when I am on the move
and making my time in the big wide world last
I am unapologetically and occasionally oblivious
to most things other than my thoughts,
because most of the time I am in the zone.

My Poem “The Baton”

It is only natural for things
to continously be passed
from one person to another,
from one place to another,
from one time to another -
because life is an endless continuum
of infinite connections...
thoughts, feelings, emotions,
experiences, scenarios always
find a way to reoccur, repeat,
and be revived for another setting,
for another generation -
but the key part of what makes them
so everlasting always remains intact...
depending on how life is lived
informs how echoes of the past
will be interpreted by the present,
as well as by the future...
trends, fashions, attitudes,
buried treasure, lost keepsakes
have a way of returning to the surface
from wherever they found themselves
until the time was right for them
to be found once again...
people see perfection in nature...
people see perfection in art...
people hear perfection in the way someone laughs...
people see perfection in patterns...
some people see perfection in math...
everybody finds something in their life
that instantly takes away their fear
and makes the path before them clear...
like people participating in a race,
or a collective journey of togetherness,
everybody is constantly picking up,
passing on, and reenlivening
life's universal and constantly moving baton.

My Poem “Nice”

It's nice when the sun is shining...
it's nice when people are able
to be free, instead of hiding...
it's nice when nature calls
and people answer...
it's nice when the air
is filled with golden light,
when children can be seen
and heard enjoying the gift
of their innocence and you can feel
the palpable joy in every wave
of every echo of laughter.

It's nice to be able to just sit and listen...
it's nice to be able to just close your eyes
and experience your thoughts
drift away like a gentle breeze...
it's nice to be able to just do "nothing"
while at the same time doing
something profoundly rejuvenating...
it's nice to be able to have no expectations
upon you so that you can focus
on the constant stream of energy
from your soul within that so often
we feel as if we have to filter the flow of,
because sometimes dreams feel like memories -
however, dreams are even more powerful
and integral than we might think,
because even though we often do not
always remember what we experience
while we are sleeping, the amount
of processing of our daily thoughts
that we do and the importance that
that process not be disrupted
in any way cannot be estimated.

It's nice, sometimes, to not know
the conclusion of something...
it's nice, sometimes, to invest your time
in something that is only
temporary and fleeting...
it's nice, sometimes, to be a rebel
and to follow your instincts -
and sometimes it is nice
to be cautious and to listen
to the valuable wisdom
of somebody's advice...
sometimes it is good to free yourself
of any preconceptions, any pessimism,
any pressure that you may
have been putting on yourself -
and sometimes the simplest act
of making a connection by not even trying
to do so is the best and the most nice.

My Poem “Let it out”

It always feels good to reconnect...
it always feels good to go back
to somewhere you haven't been in a while...
it is always good to see people who you
have always felt a connection with...
it always feels good to do something
you haven't done for a while,
but from the moment that you
start doing something again,
or from the moment that you
see someone again,
it feels like no time has passed -
because almost immediately
your muscle memory starts to kick in
and deeply ingrained instincts begin to rise
to the surface of your mind palpably fast.

It always feels good to pick up
and read a book that you haven't
read since you were a child
and instantly notice certain details
about certain characters that you
might have previously missed -
and, because of the intervening time,
it is as if the way that you once imagined
people to appear in your minds eye
has changed and evolved just as we all change
throughout the many chapter of our life...
it always feels good to hear a song
that will always define an important
moment in your life that ever time you hear it
has the power to be able to transport you
back in time to when and to where
you felt affected by it for the first time.

It always feels good to start
a new adventure that you immediately know
will be filled with experiences
that will shape you, will mould you,
and ultimately caste you in such
a fundamental way that going forwards
nothing will ever be the same...
it always feels good to open your mind...
it always feels good to let your thoughts
and your ideas speak for themselves...
it always feels good to find others like us
so that we do not feel like we are alone...
it always feels good to not have to worry
and to feel free to let whatever
is inside of us all out.

My Poem “Naturally Reflective”

I am so reflective
that I might as well be a mirror…
my emotions flow so easily
I might as well be a river…
I am sometimes so transparent
I might as well be a window…
I am so easy to read
that I might as well be a book
because most of the time the expression
is one easy that accurately conveys
my feelings and my thoughts…
I am like a dark moonlit ocean…
I am like the spinning chrome rim
of a car wheel that is constantly in motion…
I am like a light-bulb whose face
brightens or dims depending upon
what I am talking about and who I am with…
I am like a stream of sunlight
after it passes through a prism of glass –
because when all of the individual
collective components that make me
who I am spill out of me
like water through a sive
all of the droplets of inspiration that
I have accumulated within me
share themselves so effortlessly,
because for better or for worse
I am and I have always been
someone who is naturally reflective.

My Poem “The God Frequency”

When we want to make something
a reality we often think about
something more, we often talk
about something more,
and we often look for and see
signs that indicate that the time is right
for what we want to manifest before us,
like a stream of sunlight from above,
and there are times when we all
receive messages on a specific frequency –
the same one that the universe vibrates on –
that our brain interprets in many ways,
which is this celestial music
that has influenced and inspired
many artists and many musicians
to allow their gifts to shine
upon the medium before them
in order for them to capture the energy
within them that often harmonizes
and resonates with the source of
all life that brought about
all the forces in existence.

Our minds are multi-dimensional…
when we dream we are able to
dive deep and explore the world within us
that lies below the surface of
the ocean of reality and consciousness…
the sound of someone’s voice
can be sometimes be enough to
open up a door, a window,
a pathway within our minds –
especially the mind of a child –
just enough for people to feel
compelled to feel comfortable
allowing themselves to drift away…
the sounds of nature – whether the sound
of waves crashing again a shore,
the sound of the wind blowing
through the branches of trees,
or perhaps to sound of raindrops
falling upon a window pane –
can effect people so fundamentally
and can generate great fountains of
strength and inner calmness.

There are some instruments
whose voice speaks lounder
and penetrates deeper into a person’s soul
than others which also has the ability
to bless insight upon whomever is their
player and whomever is their audience…
nothing is ever truly lost because
everything comes back around
again eventually…
planets, stars, people, subatomic particles,
thoughts, hopes, fears, dreams
have their own sounds that
reverberate around them,
and everything and everybody
interacts with each other
like the rippling waves upon a sea –
and this connection that connects
every living thing to one another
is a divine network and broadcast
that is often referred to as
“The God Frequency”.