My Poem “In The Zone”

Usually when I am getting from A to B
from the West Side to the East Side
of one of my favourite cities,
when I am alone, I am always in "The Zone"...
usually I am quick on my feet -
but all the while I am always looking around
at what I see and what jumps out at me
as I travel down the many
interconnected paths and streets...
usually I am thinking, listening, feeling,
and taking in everything that every thing
and every one is constantly transmitting
and broadcasting like a megaphone...
usually when I am making the most of my free time -
when I am not watching a film at the cinema,
when I am not shopping in an
entertainment store or a bookstore,
when I am not writing in my favourite cafe -
I am just walking around somewhere
I know like the back of my hand 
and somewhere I could navigate with my eyes closed,
so much so I probably do just that in my dreams...
usually I do not anticipate seeing someone I know;
however, occasionally, because of mere chance,
coincidence, or perhaps by design,
I will be stopped in my tracks
by the sound of my name
being uttered by someone who knows me
and I momentarily find myself
at a loss for words until my racing thoughts
catch up with the reality that I see...
usually I do not have a definitive
or a previously planned path
that I wish to travel down -
because like a bird that can sense
the magnetic field of the Earth
I use my instincts to draw me
to where the universe is calling me to be...
usually when I am doing anything -
whether I am walking around a city,
or sitting down writing with my pen
or tapping away at the letters of a keyboard -
I am on the hunt for inspiration
in all it's multiple forms,
and I am never left empty-handed
or empty minded whenever I return
to the sanctuary of my home...
usually when I am on the move
and making my time in the big wide world last
I am unapologetically and occasionally oblivious
to most things other than my thoughts,
because most of the time I am in the zone.


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