My Poem “The Comeback Kid”

He had been hurt...
He had been cursed...
He had learned the hard way
that some things are not meant to last -
but people who truly knew Him
always believed and expected
that He would one day make a comeback...
He had felt turned inside-out...
He had felt used and worn-out...
He had been attacked on every side,
He had been thought to have been defeated,
He had been left wounded
and scarred from His experiences -
but the people who had thought Him
easily destroyed always got a shock
when He rose again like the sun
and found a way to close the distances...
some people would rather discount fate
and mistakenly believe that life is all a series of coincidences,
but His interactions had taught Him otherwise -
which is why He always trusted His senses...
He had been deceived...
He had been non-believed...
He had been thrown to the side
like a piece of litter from a car window -
but what some people do not know
or realise
is that He never forgets and He always remembers
every thing and every face
that He has been shown...
He has spoken; He has listened...
He has been broken;
He has been awakened
to the good and the bad
of what others and He himself did...
He has felt burned -
physically, as well as in effigy;
but, do you know what?
He does not regret the fact that He has lived...
He is many things -
but one thing that He likes about himself,
and what some people have said
that they admire about Him,
is that no matter what happens
He will always be The Comeback Kid.

My Poem “Taken”

Over the years I have taken people
on a journey with me...
over the years I have literally held
the hand of people and guided them
to places and to things that are important to me...
over the years I have told people things
that only they would know about me...
over the years I have opened the mind
of people to what is impossible,
and I too have been fascinated
by what happens when there is
a coming together of many feelings,
emotions, colours, and expressions
of what makes a difference to the way
that people live, love, think, and believe.

Over the years I have always been someone
who goes that extra mile...
over the years I have always been someone
who would rather leave a lasting impression
in the form of a smile...
over the years I have always been someone
who would spend time doing something
that I knew in the long run would be worthwhile...
over the years I have always been someone
who knew that there was always more
to be known about the substance
of something or someone
rather than their style.

Over the years I have felt drawn
to things, to places, to people
from the moment that I have awoken...
over the years I have felt as if
I am only able to keep ahold
of some things for a short amount of time
before they are forsaken...
over the years I have felt found,
abondoned, made whole, and then broken...
over the years I have felt and I have seen
change happen right in front of me,
I have experienced the arrival
of hope and joy before my eyes,
I have made the most of every moment
that I have been given
and I always try to return the favour
of whatever or whomever I meet
wherever I find myself being taken.

A Poem A Day #293: The Shard of Hope

“The Shard of Hope” by Mark Hastings was taken from Mark’s poetry collection ‘The Eternal Boy’ which was published in 2015 by Zeloo Media. Check out more of Mark’s poetry online @ http://MarkThePoet.Me – all poems © Mark Hastings ● Buy Me a coffee @

My Poem “The Switch”

When I first began writing poetry
it was like a light had been switch on...
when I first began writing poetry
it was at the same time that I fell in love...
when I first began writing poetry
it was like walking outdoors
and feeling the touch of the sun...
when I first began writing poetry
it was like I already knew that I was
a poet for life and not just for the moment.

Some things you think you
know for sure and forever -
but then they change...
some people you think you know
as well as you know your own face -
but then they take a hard left
down an unexpected alley...
some things look perfect 
with the right lighting -
but their flaws become apparent
when seen in the light of day...
some people look idealistic from far away -
but up-close everybody's cracks are exposed
like the shadows of monuments in a valley.

I didn't know what was inside of me
until I found the right person
with the right key to unlock
the door of my library of internal poetry...
I didn't know what would happen
after I started walking down this road
that I have been on now for years -
but I knew that would never be truly alone
and that there would always be
something and someone with me...
I didn't know what it meant
to have been found until I felt my eyes,
my mind, my heart, my ears, my soul
open wide and never want
to miss a thing about anything
and everything ever again...
I didn't know what lay beyond the horizon,
in outer space, or in the dark,
until I saw that there is always
a way and a gift for me to turn to
and to turn on whenever I want to
like a switch.

My Poem “Nice”

It's nice when the sun is shining...
it's nice when people are able
to be free, instead of hiding...
it's nice when nature calls
and people answer...
it's nice when the air
is filled with golden light,
when children can be seen
and heard enjoying the gift
of their innocence and you can feel
the palpable joy in every wave
of every echo of laughter.

It's nice to be able to just sit and listen...
it's nice to be able to just close your eyes
and experience your thoughts
drift away like a gentle breeze...
it's nice to be able to just do "nothing"
while at the same time doing
something profoundly rejuvenating...
it's nice to be able to have no expectations
upon you so that you can focus
on the constant stream of energy
from your soul within that so often
we feel as if we have to filter the flow of,
because sometimes dreams feel like memories -
however, dreams are even more powerful
and integral than we might think,
because even though we often do not
always remember what we experience
while we are sleeping, the amount
of processing of our daily thoughts
that we do and the importance that
that process not be disrupted
in any way cannot be estimated.

It's nice, sometimes, to not know
the conclusion of something...
it's nice, sometimes, to invest your time
in something that is only
temporary and fleeting...
it's nice, sometimes, to be a rebel
and to follow your instincts -
and sometimes it is nice
to be cautious and to listen
to the valuable wisdom
of somebody's advice...
sometimes it is good to free yourself
of any preconceptions, any pessimism,
any pressure that you may
have been putting on yourself -
and sometimes the simplest act
of making a connection by not even trying
to do so is the best and the most nice.

My Poem “The Burning Bulb”

This is what I remember...
this is how it used to be...
this is what I and many others
like me have been unable
to do for almost a year...
this is how I have spent
so many mornings as a writer, as a poet,
and as an observer of human nature:
sitting in my favourite café,
as the bells of a nearby clock ring out,
and feel like I am where and when
I need to be to take out my notebook
and write some new poetry.

It hasn't been the same experience,
it hasn't been the same magic -
even though I have not stopped
writing, nor creating new things,
over the last twelve months
I, like everybody, has had to adapt to living
in a world divided in so many ways...
even though I have not been
lacking in ideas, inspiration, drive,
nor passion to let my poetic side express itself -
now that I am back, sitting inside
and enjoying the ambience and the atmosphere
around me that I know so well,
which for years has fuelled my creativity,
I honestly feel as if I am able to spread
the wings of my intrinsically
poetic and artistic spirit.

I have learned over the years
to embrace every moment,
because things can very easily
be put on pause, beyond our control,
or can even be brought to an abrupt end -
which is why I often dwell upon memories
of where I have been, of what I have seen
and of what I have felt throughout my life...
I am someone who has always looked
to the distant horizon and to the future -
but when anybody goes through
a period of being within something,
or away from someone who matters to them,
everybody undoubtedly feels
this need to somehow go back,
to recapture and to relive all that to them
for so long has always felt like
a constant burning bulb of energizing
inspiration, light, and hope.

My Poem “Miraculous and Extraordinary”

All around the world,
today is the holy day of Easter Sunday…
today is the day which is remembered,
revered, and is considered remarkable by many,
because it is said that on the same day
two thousand years ago
Jesus Christ, the Son of God, was resurrected
and is said to have ascended;
and Easter Sunday is also the day
when those in the Northern Hemisphere
celebrate the beginning of spring,
and for centuries people have
gathered together and feasted
in honour of the Germanic
goddess of the dawn Ēostre –
and it is the symbols associated
with her worship where we get
our modern customs of owning rabbits
as well as the buying and the giving
of chocolate eggs to one another.

Today is an Easter and a Sunday
that many of us will remember
for many years, for many reasons –
just as people will always remember the Easter
that we all had to endure
at this same time last year,
when the vast majority of the population
of humanity had to start living
seemingly in bubbles of isolation
away from family, friends, and co-workers;
and a year on, the world is still trying
to find a way through to the other side
of this pandemonious world wide disaster –
but everywhere that I look
around the world there are
reasons to be hopeful and optimistic
that by this time next year
we will have found a way to adapt to,
get past, and resist the worst of
what is left of what we may
always have to live with.

Today is Easter Sunday
and to be honest I can think of
no better day to be truly grateful
for what each of us have
and who each of us have in our lives –
because each of us over the past year
have had to witness people
from all walks of life having to make
and changes to their life from which
there will never be a way back;
but what we never change for some people
is their ability to never stop believing
that with patience and time
the restrictions on livelihoods will end
and all people who are able
will once again be free –
and if there is anything that daily
impresses me about humanity it would have to be
how some people can keep going,
how some people can keep believing,
how some people can keep
keeping the faith, no matter what –
which, to me, is a supernatural power
that is both miraculous and extraordinary.

My Poem “That which matters most”

Out of sight does not always mean out of mind…
sometimes it can be those people
who we do not get to see all the time,
because they live so far away,
who can be everything that we think about
and dream about every minute of every day…
sometimes it can be the people
who we do not talk to for days, weeks, months,
or even years who regularly to show up
in our thoughts like a reflection in a mirror –
and even though things may no longer
be as they were the history of everybody
is filled with moments when we all
learn what comes naturally
and what in life we sometimes need to earn.

It is so easy to lose things in life…
it is so easy to lose people in life…
it is so easy to lose perspective –
which is why sometimes we all need
to fight to understand what went wrong
as well as what went right…
it is so easy for us all to lose time –
which is why we all need to make
every second count and make every word
that we speak last like the legacy
of a light that we may only see
when the sky is as dark as night.

Things can sometimes be hard to handle…
situations can at times be hard to deal with…
feelings and emotions can often
be hard to carry around with you
while you are still attempting to act
as if everything is fine –
because the light that you live by
can at times feel as temporary
as that of the flame of a candle.

Life is my favourite thing about the universe,
because as someone once said:
“where there is life there is hope” –
and while I live and breathe I will always believe
that having the gift to wake up
and gaze at the beauty of the world
and wonder about who and what
makes it work, and why,
is what gives every day its meaning –
because the truth is that meaning
is what gives everything and everyone
that which matters most.

My Poem “Every New Someone”

Holding a newborn baby in your arms
always brings home how precious,
how fragile, and how utterly unique
each of us truly are…
looking into a newborn baby’s
big blue eyes reminds us all
that everybody who arrives into this world
has the right to be given the best life
and to be protected by their new family
from coming to any harm…
seeing how dependent every new
gift to the world is to who they are
born to reminds us all that
even though every child born is a miracle
no child can grow and develop independently
of the energy and the influences
that constantly surround them…
being in the presence of a couple
who are the parents of a newborn
and seeing how through trial and error
they learn how to work together
to be there for their child when
they need them really brings home
the message and the meaning of life
that reminds all of us to be in awe
at the arrival of every new someone.