My Poem “The Baton”

It is only natural for things
to continously be passed
from one person to another,
from one place to another,
from one time to another -
because life is an endless continuum
of infinite connections...
thoughts, feelings, emotions,
experiences, scenarios always
find a way to reoccur, repeat,
and be revived for another setting,
for another generation -
but the key part of what makes them
so everlasting always remains intact...
depending on how life is lived
informs how echoes of the past
will be interpreted by the present,
as well as by the future...
trends, fashions, attitudes,
buried treasure, lost keepsakes
have a way of returning to the surface
from wherever they found themselves
until the time was right for them
to be found once again...
people see perfection in nature...
people see perfection in art...
people hear perfection in the way someone laughs...
people see perfection in patterns...
some people see perfection in math...
everybody finds something in their life
that instantly takes away their fear
and makes the path before them clear...
like people participating in a race,
or a collective journey of togetherness,
everybody is constantly picking up,
passing on, and reenlivening
life's universal and constantly moving baton.

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