A Poem A Day #465: A Stream of Starlight

“A Stream of Starlight” by Mark Hastings was taken from Mark’s poetry collection ‘The Rambler’ which was published in 2020 by Zeloo Media. Check out more of Mark’s poetry online @ http://MarkThePoet.Me – all poems © Mark Hastings ● Buy Me a coffee @ https://www.buymeacoffee.com/MarkThePoet ● Check out the merch store on Redbubble: https://rdbl.co/3xWa4Rw

A Poem A Day #371: Soleil

“Soleil” by Mark Hastings was taken from Mark’s poetry collection ‘The Dreamer and The Dream’ which was published in 2015 by Zeloo Media. Check out more of Mark’s poetry online @ http://MarkThePoet.Me – all poems © Mark Hastings ● Buy Me a coffee @ https://www.buymeacoffee.com/MarkThePoet ● Check out the merch store on Redbubble: https://rdbl.co/3xWa4Rw

My Poem “Celestially Lit”

Last night the tail of a meteorite
streaked across the sky...
last night a star fell to Earth
and as it burnt up in the atmosphere
those who were lucky to be looking up
were hynotized by the sight
of this interstellar visitor being
transformed from a space rock
into a fireball of energy and light.

Whenever a piece of the cosmos
gets so close to our world
that it can almost touch it
there is always something magical about it...
whenever our ancestors witnessed
an interstellar phenomenona
they always found a way to
somehow make a record of it -
because it was always believed
that whenever a piece of outer space
was seen by the people of our planet
it was a sign and potentially heralding
a time of great change was due to begin.

Today I could feel that something
had indeed changed...
today I could feel that something -
call it a wave of fate -
was carrying me to somewhere
I needed to be once again...
today I could feel this pull -
like the force of gravity -
take me away and remind me
of who I used to be once upon a time
and who I will always be no matter
where I am or who I am with...
today was beautiful, amazing,
and transformative in so many ways...
today was full of life, nature,
and bright sunshine that shone down from above
and made sure that everything that I saw
and everywhere that I went
my eyes were gifted by the beauty
of our world that can only be seen
when nature is spectacularly
and celestially lit.

My Poem “Golden”

The golden light of the sun setting
shone through my bedroom window,
as I sat thinking about time,
my life, the world, the universe
and the fact that I am truly blessed
by what I have and what I treasure
more than I could every say...
the blinding light of the sun
that fills my eyes with glorious sunshine
inspires my thoughts and enlightens my soul
and makes me think about what
and who makes me happy every day...
the stream of sunlight that I am graced with
showers me with a purpose
and makes me smile, sigh,
and feel like a child again...
the light of the world that I see is exquisite
and the mysteries of the Multiverse
that I think about as I feel myself
being carried away as if by the tide
of some interstellar ocean of energy
take away any feelings of regret and pain...
the sun will always be there for you,
as the sun had always been there for me,
like the personification of a shepherd
that guides their flock to where they need to be,
at the same time communicating
with light what can never be told...
the glow of daylight,
as it transitions into twilight,
is bright, clear, breathtaking
and shows just how much of life
and everything that we are all bound to
is made up of a spirit that is truly golden.

My Poem “Solaris”

A blue sky above your head...
the sun shining brightly...
a day at the beach with friends...
walking through a park
while enjoying the sights and the sounds
all around that resonate with natural beauty...
a smile, a laugh, a series of newly made memories...
a song, a vibe, something that leaves
an impression of itself with you...
a roller-coaster at a funfair that sees
you going up, down, and sideways...
a ceremony of matrimony that reminds
everybody who witnesses it
that a certain combination of souls are meant
to be bound together like glue...
a family get-together...
an event you don't want to miss...
a trip to somewhere that you swear
you will remember forever...
there are some things that feel perfect
and feel made to be because of the touch,
the light and the energy that is captured
from the Sun and made a part of us
that we would never want to miss.

My Poem “Arise”

Like a wave of solar energy,
the solstice and the longest day
heralded the arrival of not only new light,
but also of new hope, of new optimism,
and also a new reason to live
and a new reason to love, as well...
like a soft breeze through a field of daisies,
the sight of nature all around us
reminds all who want to see it
the unbreakable connection
that exists between all things
that is so innocent, so important,
so serene, so peaceful, so beautiful...
like a dream made real,
wherever people get the opportunity
to embrace the gift of what nature is -
like when someone sets foot upon
the wet sand of a beach
or they go for a paddle
in the shallows of the sea;
or like in 1966 when Neil Armstrong
set foot on the moon -
there is always this impact and this imprint
made that reverberates like a guitar string
or like the skin of a drum...
like a drop of water on a desert floor,
like a tap on a windowpane
by the beak of a bird,
like the moment a child first sees their reflection,
like the moments when you feel as if
time has stood still for you for some reason,
or like watching a butterfly flutter their wings -
there is so much detail, depth,
meaning, and spirit to feel,
to breathe in, to embrace,
and to make a part of you,
from which there is no
knowing what will follow;
but sometimes you have to
let things arise naturally -
like the spark of love, life, light
that can be seen in a person's eyes.

My Poem “The Switch”

When I first began writing poetry
it was like a light had been switch on...
when I first began writing poetry
it was at the same time that I fell in love...
when I first began writing poetry
it was like walking outdoors
and feeling the touch of the sun...
when I first began writing poetry
it was like I already knew that I was
a poet for life and not just for the moment.

Some things you think you
know for sure and forever -
but then they change...
some people you think you know
as well as you know your own face -
but then they take a hard left
down an unexpected alley...
some things look perfect 
with the right lighting -
but their flaws become apparent
when seen in the light of day...
some people look idealistic from far away -
but up-close everybody's cracks are exposed
like the shadows of monuments in a valley.

I didn't know what was inside of me
until I found the right person
with the right key to unlock
the door of my library of internal poetry...
I didn't know what would happen
after I started walking down this road
that I have been on now for years -
but I knew that would never be truly alone
and that there would always be
something and someone with me...
I didn't know what it meant
to have been found until I felt my eyes,
my mind, my heart, my ears, my soul
open wide and never want
to miss a thing about anything
and everything ever again...
I didn't know what lay beyond the horizon,
in outer space, or in the dark,
until I saw that there is always
a way and a gift for me to turn to
and to turn on whenever I want to
like a switch.

My Poem “Park People”

Parks are wonderful places...
Parks are beautiful oases...
Parks are where people run
and walk through...
Parks are can be islands of every size
where people sit, exercise, get a sun tan,
have a party, or have a picnic,
and where people who know each
can all gather together to enjoy
their own company as well as
consume thirst quenching beverages
and some of their favourite food.

Parks are also the places where
those who are homeless go to every
night to lay down upon the grass and sleep...
Parks are where people young and old
can rejuvenate themselves and be reminded
of memories and experiences
that they will always want to keep...
Parks can have amusements,
rides, sights and sounds that
cannot be found anywhere else on Earth...
Parks can be where things are lost
as well as where things can be found -
and Parks can also be at both the beginning
as well as at the end of a particular search.

Parks often have benches...
Parks often have plants and animals
that people can make a connection with
with all five of their senses...
Parks are where some people
want to be laid to rest after they die...
Parks all have paths that allow
the people who visit them to navigate
through to them from every side...
Parks are for everything and for everybody
and the importance of their preservation
to all life on Earth is unestimable -
but there are those who may not be able
to enjoy nature as much as they would hope,
and then their are those who
take every opportunity, whenever they can,
to embrace every moment that they
get to embody what it means
and to be someone who might
affectionately describe themselves,
or might perhaps be described as being,
one of the many "Park People".

My Poem “The Blackout”

One second there was light
and the next there was darkness…
One second all was bright
and the next I couldn’t see
my hand in front of my face…
One second I was looking at
my phones illuminated screen
and the next I was using the torch
of my phone to guide my way…
One second the sun was shining
and the next it had completely
disappeared below the horizon
heralding the end of the day.

I still remember those days
and those nights when I was a child
when the power used to go out
every now and again –
but whenever it happens now
it is always a complete and utter surprise
to the degree that some people
still attempt to flick light-switches
on and off multiple times
perhaps believing that they can cause
somekind of electrical reset.

It’s strange looking out of the window
at night and seeing all the streetlights off…
it’s odd having no power, no light,
and no heat for a short amount of time –
but such an experience does make you truly appreciate how much we all
do sometimes take for granted
the gift of instant electricity,
and how much when we do not have it
at out disposal some of us feel immediately lost.

When the lights come on again,
when the TV screens flicker back to life,
and when we no longer have any further need
for the torches and the candles that we
had lit as temporary sources of light,
we all feel thankful to be able
to see clearly and to feel comfortable
once again in our world of modern enlightenment
that for a time had been taken away from us
by the inconvenience of a brief
but significant neigbourhood blackout.