My Poem “Burst”

Just like a solar storm on the surface of the sun,
just like the fiery curls
that the sun releases
and sends out into space,
just like the auroras created
when the energy of the sun
touches the atmosphere of our planet -
everyone and everything capable
of complex thoughts, feelings, and emotions
often feels as if they have something
within them that they struggle to contain,
that they struggle to hold back,
that they struggle not to express -
because we are all filled with a spirit
that burns like a flame,
that boils like hot water,
that sometimes explodes
like a jet from a geyser;
because everyone and everything
needs at outlet to get out
what has found its way within:
whether that is artistically, physically,
audibly, or a combination of many things all at once -
because if someone or something
has no means of controlled release
then they might remark
that they will figuratively,
or perhaps literally,

My Poem “Writer’s High”

That spark! That flash!
That light from the dark...
That stream of inspiration
and energy that flows so fast...
That moment of conception...
That shockwave and expansion
of the internal explosion...
That rush to capture that which
you know is significant...
That immediate change
that runs rampant like a fire
and effects everything
like a solar flare from the Sun...
That pulse-racing, breathtaking,
eye-opening idea that comes
to an artist seemingly from out of nowhere,
like a bolt from out of the blue,
can feel like a miracle from heaven
or from a higher dimension -
because the colours that it paints the world with
can seem too incredible to be real...
when an artist who uses words to create their art
feels themselves being pulled along
by an idea's wave and riptide
they can experience an almost
inconceivable soul-fulfilling ascension
that might be described as a writer's high.

My Poem “Golden”

The golden light of the sun setting
shone through my bedroom window,
as I sat thinking about time,
my life, the world, the universe
and the fact that I am truly blessed
by what I have and what I treasure
more than I could every say...
the blinding light of the sun
that fills my eyes with glorious sunshine
inspires my thoughts and enlightens my soul
and makes me think about what
and who makes me happy every day...
the stream of sunlight that I am graced with
showers me with a purpose
and makes me smile, sigh,
and feel like a child again...
the light of the world that I see is exquisite
and the mysteries of the Multiverse
that I think about as I feel myself
being carried away as if by the tide
of some interstellar ocean of energy
take away any feelings of regret and pain...
the sun will always be there for you,
as the sun had always been there for me,
like the personification of a shepherd
that guides their flock to where they need to be,
at the same time communicating
with light what can never be told...
the glow of daylight,
as it transitions into twilight,
is bright, clear, breathtaking
and shows just how much of life
and everything that we are all bound to
is made up of a spirit that is truly golden.

My Poem “Solaris”

A blue sky above your head...
the sun shining brightly...
a day at the beach with friends...
walking through a park
while enjoying the sights and the sounds
all around that resonate with natural beauty...
a smile, a laugh, a series of newly made memories...
a song, a vibe, something that leaves
an impression of itself with you...
a roller-coaster at a funfair that sees
you going up, down, and sideways...
a ceremony of matrimony that reminds
everybody who witnesses it
that a certain combination of souls are meant
to be bound together like glue...
a family get-together...
an event you don't want to miss...
a trip to somewhere that you swear
you will remember forever...
there are some things that feel perfect
and feel made to be because of the touch,
the light and the energy that is captured
from the Sun and made a part of us
that we would never want to miss.

A Poem A Day #203: My N.Y.

“My N.Y.” by Mark Hastings was taken from Mark’s poetry collection ‘The Sound of Mark’ which was published in 2014 by Zeloo Media. Check out more of Mark’s poetry online @ http://MarkThePoet.Me – all poems © Mark Hastings

My Poem “Full of It”

All my life I have felt
the feeling of being full
and overflowing of many things:
energy, ideas, happiness,
inspiration, love, stories,
memories, experiences,
hopes, and dreams -
and what I have been full of has been
so profound and so uncontainable,
whatever I have felt soaked
from head to toe with, like a sponge,
invariably finds a way to the outside
and has be seen, heard, and felt
by people far and wide.

I was always a child who could be
seen running around -
as if I had been stung by a bee -
just so that I could exert
the power of the spirit within me...
during the Summer time
I swear that I was like solar panel
who drew on the heat and the light
all around me because I felt like it
motivated me to go faster and faster.

As I have grown older my mind,
my imagination and my creativity,
as well as my body, has on multiple occasions
felt as if it has been sparked to life
to allow me to see things with so much
depth of colour and clarity of vision
that I have attempted to put into words
the beauty and the poetry that I believe
is there for anybody to see.

I have admittedly always been optimistic,
perhaps sometimes to a fault -
but I cannot help who I am at my heart,
nor can I help what I have within me:
and whatever and whenever
I feel myself seemingly
electrified and charged with energy
that courses through my veins,
watch out world, because I am full of it.

My Poem “Soak it up”

Moments of contentment -
a time to breathe, a time to be...
moments of reverence -
a time to look, a time to listen,
a time to think and not to speak...
moments of openess, moments of exposure -
a time to dream, a time to imagine...
moments of both stillness and complexity -
a time without a worry in the world,
a time without four walls around you
that can at times feel like those of a prison...
moments of me, myself, and I -
a time to close to my eyes,
a time to find a treasure within my mind
that I know will transform the more
that I give it my time and my attention...
moments of heart pounding exhilaration -
a time that feels infinite,
a time that feels enough
to see all that I need to see,
to hear all that I need to hear,
to do all that I need to do
to fulfill my heart and my soul
before my last day on Earth is through -
and it is because I feel such energy
in every moment of time
that I always choose, whenever I can,
to take the time gifted to me to smile
at the light of the shining sun,
to open my arms high and wide,
and soak it up.

My Poem “Bask”

Basking in the sun is what
some people do for fun…
basking in the shine of divine light
is what some people do to
spend their time while they are
on their way to finding
the seed of an idea that may inspire
the path to come to all that they need…
basking in the heat of the star
at the centre of galactic backyard
is something that many forms of life
choose to do for pleasure
and to recharge their spirit…
basking in the glow of the fire ball
that everything and everyone knows
is something that can be
both a gift and a curse
for those who live upon
our beautiful green and blue planet…
basking, sunbathing, embracing,
bathing within the energy and the flow
of an ever-present force of nature
can be like walking upon a double-edge sword…
basking, as the world seemingly burns –
protected only by a thin layer of protection –
should remind us all just how vulnerable
we are to things that we cannot see
but over time seem to last a long time
after we chose to bask.

My Poem “Continue to Shine”

The sun shines down upon me
and I instantly start to smile…
the sun shines and I instantly
feel the touch of celestial inspiration
that has given rise to many
daydreams since I was a child…
the sun shines and I feel like a solar-
powered fountain of thoughts and energy…
the sun shines and every detail
that I see of everything around me
appears to glow even more brightly
than any colour I have ever seen.
the sun shines and I feel as if
I have literally been caught
in its tangible gravity…
the sun shines and it seems to me
as if every flower and every blade of grass
is lending its one unique voice
to the song of life and ultimately
teaching me a lesson about humanity
and about my connection to eternity.

The sun shines as people go about their lives
and as birds sing and fly
against an unbroken blue sky –
and within its intense rays
I believe that I can feel
a combination of the hope, the joy
and the resplendency that lies within
the heart and within the spirit
of all the things that combine
to make this beautiful world of ours
the jewel of the galaxy that it is
and will continue to be
as long as we who are the custodians
and the protectors of the diverse life
that resides and connects everybody
and every thing on planet Earth
maintain the light of the eternal spark
that with all of our heart and soul
will continue to shine.