My Poem “Resource Allocation”

Within every living, breathing,
and continuous system on Earth
there is always an allocation of resources...
every day is filled with so much
and with so many people wanting
a piece of the metaphorical pie of life...
everybody wakes up with an agenda -
even those people who say
that they have no plans
are looking and waiting for something
to direct their choices...
everybody has a morning routine;
everybody has an afternoon delight
that they like to indulge in
every now and again;
everbody has an evening of escapism
when, which, and where they can be themselves
without having to wear a disguise.

Even in an orchestra of many players,
of many instruments,
there are those who simply love
the opportunity to play and to perform -
and there are always those
who hope to sit alongside the conductor
and get to do a solo...
there are people who are team players -
but who also like it when they can
be me made to feel special,
when they can make their mark,
and when they can play the tune
that others afterwards
will continue to follow.

Nothing is unlimited -
even the time and the light of a star
runs its course and then fades slowly,
until the instance when
its speed and its luminosity
becomes a shadow of its
optimal energy and motion...
there is always a turnaround
of everything - a reconstitution:
when something is taken apart
and then put back together again...
everyone, over the course of every day,
starts in one state of mind
and then transitions into another -
and there is no knowing
what will happen to anybody
during the time that they are
in conscious and physical
contact with the world around them -
because, every day, the world delivers
instances of insight and adaptation
throughout its process of
resource allocation.

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