My Poem “Burst”

Just like a solar storm on the surface of the sun,
just like the fiery curls
that the sun releases
and sends out into space,
just like the auroras created
when the energy of the sun
touches the atmosphere of our planet -
everyone and everything capable
of complex thoughts, feelings, and emotions
often feels as if they have something
within them that they struggle to contain,
that they struggle to hold back,
that they struggle not to express -
because we are all filled with a spirit
that burns like a flame,
that boils like hot water,
that sometimes explodes
like a jet from a geyser;
because everyone and everything
needs at outlet to get out
what has found its way within:
whether that is artistically, physically,
audibly, or a combination of many things all at once -
because if someone or something
has no means of controlled release
then they might remark
that they will figuratively,
or perhaps literally,

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