My Poem “Return of the Poet”

Even though, at times, I may have
ventured "Too Close To The Sun",
I will always be the "Poet of the Sphere"...
even though I have written about
"The Wolf in Me", "The Wolf in You",
"The Wolf in Us" and "Vega - The Vampire King",
I will always emanate "The Sound of Mark"...
even though I have been "Playing God",
I will always be "The Eternal Boy"...
I will always be "The Dreamer and The Dream"...
I will always love "Truly Madly Deeply"...
I will always be "The Rambler"...
I will always be the "Poet of the Multiverse"...
I will always be "The Comeback Kid";
because, even though I have stories within me
that I believe are just waiting to be told,
poetry is my life's blood...
poetry is my voice...
poetry is my epic flood...
poetry is my universe within which
I do not have a choice -
because poetry is my destiny,
it always has been
and it always will be...
poetry has brought me gifts of connection...
poetry has always been within me...
there isn't a day that goes by
when I do not open my eyes
and see the light of inspiration...
there isn't a day that goes by
when I do not listen and hear
the rhythm of life's music
in unison with my multi-layered imagination...
even when things seemed to be
coming to the end of their calling,
I always believed that whenever
the time arose when I might need
to be renewed,
the one within would climb,
like a "Rising Star",
and there would no longer be any limits -
because, like a shooting star in the night sky,
there would be no stopping
the return of the poet.

My Poem “Writer’s High”

That spark! That flash!
That light from the dark...
That stream of inspiration
and energy that flows so fast...
That moment of conception...
That shockwave and expansion
of the internal explosion...
That rush to capture that which
you know is significant...
That immediate change
that runs rampant like a fire
and effects everything
like a solar flare from the Sun...
That pulse-racing, breathtaking,
eye-opening idea that comes
to an artist seemingly from out of nowhere,
like a bolt from out of the blue,
can feel like a miracle from heaven
or from a higher dimension -
because the colours that it paints the world with
can seem too incredible to be real...
when an artist who uses words to create their art
feels themselves being pulled along
by an idea's wave and riptide
they can experience an almost
inconceivable soul-fulfilling ascension
that might be described as a writer's high.

My Poem “Write What You Like”

For me writing is my passion...
For me writing is my release...
For me writing is my fashion...
For me writing is my peace...
For me writing is my voice....
For me writing is my road...
For me writing is a necessity and not a choice...
For me writing is how I can reach out
and remind others that nobody is ever alone...
For me writing is a dream made real...
For me writing is what has given me
gifts of experience of perspective
that I might never have known otherwise...
For me writing is the first thing
that I feel like doing whenever
I want to take a serene walk
through an Elysium-like countryside field,
and whenever I want to remember who I am,
or whenever I feel like I need to heal...
For me writing is to a writer
what singing is to a singer -
they have to do what they feel they must;
and just as a singer must love what they sing,
in my opinion, no matter what words
a wordsmith conjures from their imagination,
a writer should like what they write -
especially if writing is what a writer truly loves.

My Poem “Day of the Poet”

I believe that every day of my life
has prepared me for who I am,
who I have always been,
and who I will always be...
I believe that every day of my life -
from the moment I wake up
in the early hours of the morning,
to the moment I fall asleep at night,
to the moment I set sail upon the waves
of the sea of my dreams -
I am seeing, hearing, thinking,
imagining, interpreting the poetry
all around me that will always continue
to invigorate me and inspire me...
I believe that every day when a word,
a verse, a story, or a new discovery
plants it's seed within my mind
it has been put there so that I can
see it become something even more profound
by giving it my own spark of magic...
I believe that every day when
I reflect inwards and outwards
I draw in and I echo from myself
something that was always meant to be
shared with those who need to hear
my message all around the world -
from Atlanta to Zurich...
I believe that every day when
I am writing something that
is in every way a part of me,
as well as inspired by who I have met,
what I have done, where I have been,
and when I have been struck by inspiration,
was always preordained -
which is the reason that I never ask: why?
I believe that every day
when my heart was broken,
I believe that every day
when I was blessed to see the sunrise,
I believe that every day
when I had to keep my thoughts unspoken,
I believe that every day
when I told someone I loved them
as I looked deep into their eyes -
every moment, of every hour,
of every day has always been
when it was my time for me to be me
and to shine my poetic light,
because being a poet and a writer
is the daily destiny of my life.

A Poem A Day #359: The Prolific

“The Prolific” by Mark Hastings was taken from Mark’s poetry collection ‘The Dreamer and The Dream’ which was published in 2015 by Zeloo Media. Check out more of Mark’s poetry online @ http://MarkThePoet.Me – all poems © Mark Hastings ● Buy Me a coffee @ ● Check out the merch store on Redbubble:

Writing: do what works for you

In this episode Mark gives some insight into his writing process and what works for him when he is writing, and also why it important to find your own way as an artist that works you – because not every writer or artist is the same. Mark discusses what is important if you want to be writer of any kind of success and of any style of writing, and why all writers do what they do and why they should.

My Poem “Open to interpretation”

When a writer writes something,
that is just the beginning...
after a writer shares what they have written
and takes it beyond the limits
of their own eyes only,
that is when things truly get exciting...
when a writer first gets an idea
they never truly know
what it will ultimately come to be...
when a writer uses their gift
and naturally infuses a part of themselves
into whatever they have written or are writing
they always leave something
that they may not have planned
for their readers to read.

When a writer let's there words go
they can have no idea by whom, when,
nor where their art will be enjoyed -
and there is no knowing why, nor how,
their words will touch a reader
and inspire their dreams
as they lie asleep in bed...
when a writer first puts pen to paper,
or finger to key, they must resist
any and every thought that might occur to them
in which they might attempt to cross out,
erase, or delete something of them
that they felt had to be said.

When a writer creates something
of their own heart, mind, soul, and imagination
there is always an exchange of energy
that takes place that can cross
time and distance instantly...
even if the first intention of a writer
after a while becomes like that of a whisper,
the first spark of inspiration
that brought an idea to life
will always be there to be
felt, read, heard, seen,
and like the world of a dream
open to interpretation.

Poet of the Sphere/Mark The Poet: one and the same

"Hi everyone, I'm Mark Hastings...
I'm afraid I'm not someone who plays an instrument or sings;
however what I am, what I love
and what I one day hope to be
is a poet and a dreamer who can move the world with my poetry..."

- "The Poet" by Mark Hastings,
From my book 'Poet of the Sphere',
First published in 2012

This verse of poetry from my poem "The Poet", which is also the description on the back of my first poetry collection 'Poet of the Sphere', describes me when I first started writing poetry, and who I still am and who I still want to be to this day. Granted I may have made some missteps along the way, I may have made some mistakes; but I still hope that I have been a source of hope and inspiration for others and that I will continue to be.

I have published 12 books over the course of the last 10 years - filled with poetry, stories, inspiration, characters, recollections, tales of fantasy mixed with personal experiences - but no matter what I have written everything has within it not just me but those whom I have met throughout my life and ingrained more so than could ever be imagined.

I have always loved sharing experiences with others and occasionally capturing moments of time with others so that others can read and relive those experiences through the lens of my poetic eye. Alot of the poems that I have written have been read by many people, but some have never been read by anyone other than who they were written and intended for - but no matter who reads, or listens to my poem for that matter, I hope that I have left my mark upon the heart of those who have felt something from the touch of my words upon their soul.

All 12 of my books are available to buy on Amazon and a great many of my poems new and old can be read @markthepoet and some can even be heard on Spotify being recited by me on "Mark The Poet - The Podcast" - which is essentially a poetic trip down memory lane in which I recite a poem from one of my books every day.

Happy reading and happy listening!

-Mark 😊

A Poem A Day #248: Write

“Write” by Mark Hastings was taken from Mark’s poetry collection ‘The Eternal Boy’ which was published in 2015 by Zeloo Media. Check out more of Mark’s poetry online @ http://MarkThePoet.Me – all poems © Mark Hastings ● Buy Me a coffee @

A Poem A Day #232: Keep Writing

“Keep Writing” by Mark Hastings was taken from Mark’s poetry collection ‘The Eternal Boy’ which was published in 2015 by Zeloo Media. Check out more of Mark’s poetry online @ http://MarkThePoet.Me – all poems © Mark Hastings ● Buy Me a coffee @