My Poem “Writer’s High”

That spark! That flash!
That light from the dark...
That stream of inspiration
and energy that flows so fast...
That moment of conception...
That shockwave and expansion
of the internal explosion...
That rush to capture that which
you know is significant...
That immediate change
that runs rampant like a fire
and effects everything
like a solar flare from the Sun...
That pulse-racing, breathtaking,
eye-opening idea that comes
to an artist seemingly from out of nowhere,
like a bolt from out of the blue,
can feel like a miracle from heaven
or from a higher dimension -
because the colours that it paints the world with
can seem too incredible to be real...
when an artist who uses words to create their art
feels themselves being pulled along
by an idea's wave and riptide
they can experience an almost
inconceivable soul-fulfilling ascension
that might be described as a writer's high.

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