My Poem ‘Get Up and Go!’

Whenever I wake up
and I feel the warmth of the sun on my face,
whenever I hear the sound
of birds singing sweetly outside my window,
whenever I open my eyes and I see my home
and the perfect oasis of the human race,
I always feel invigorated with inspiration
and energy, and I always feel this irrepressible need
to get up out of bed, walk out my front door,
pick a direction, and just go!

It’s great to have something planned to do –
however, I always find it more exciting and fun
to not plan too much, and instead just go with the flow;
it’s great to have something to look forward to,
but I always say that you should never worry
too much about the finer details of something –
because if you let things happen naturally,
amazing things can happen and will happen,
one after the other,
like a line of dominoes falling in a row.

If you are lucky enough to live near a beach,
then every morning the soft sand,
or the infinite pebbles, of that beach
should always be your first port of call –
because to be able to walk the shoreline
and hear the sound of the waves crashing near me
would be unquestionably amazing and incredibly beautiful.

I have always believed that the way that you wake up
will always inform what kind of day you will have;
I have always believed that no matter what happens
you should always start your day with a smile –
to the world, to someone, to yourself –
and whatever you do just do your best
to ride all the ups and downs of the worlds waves.

The thought of surfing in the morning;
the feeling of sitting somewhere tranquil and gorgeous,
and opening my mind up to everything,
and not even thinking too much…
just living, breathing, seeing, dreaming, and writing;
the thought of running along the wooden boards of a pier
and then reaching the end and diving off into the ocean;
the feeling of the perfect sea-breeze
blowing through my hair would make me want
to live intensely to the extreme of every emotion.

It is never too early;
it is never too late;
you are never too old or too young to run free,
or maybe even climb a tree;
you can do anything that you can put your mind to,
if you leap and keep moving
with every beat of your heart;
sunsets are meant to be seen;
memories are just waiting to be made;
knowledge is just waiting to be known;
life can be lived as if it were a dream;
if you enjoy every and any ride that you find yourself on –
then you might perhaps find yourself
face to face with someone who needs to be saved;
so if and when you ever feel
an energy within you start to grow,
run towards the light,
feel carried as if on a great wave,
and embrace the rush
of your inner get up and go!

My Poem ‘Frogs’

Where are all the frogs?
I haven’t seen a frog in what seems like years.
When I was younger I could always rely
on seeing a frog in my garden after it had been raining,
beside a container filled with rainwater,
or on the damp ground underneath a moss-covered log.
I do not know what it is,
but for some reason the thought of a frog, or frogs,
makes me think of myself as a boy,
and of the times while growing up that I hold most dear.

When I was growing up frog were very popular –
on television programs, and in movies –
frogs were famous, they walked upright on two legs,
and they even had names:
names like ‘Freddie’, ‘Robin’, ‘Jeremy’,
and of course the most famous frog of them all –
and the star and the most well-known of all “The Muppets –
Kermit the frog;
when I was growing up frogs were cool, and all the rage;
I was always fascinated by the sight
and the sound of a frog when I came upon one –
I must admit, it did take me a while
to distinguish between the discovery of a frog,
or whether it was in fact a toad.

If I went down to my local duck pond,
if I went out into my back garden,
would I find a frog if I looked for one?
If I were to listen, would I hear the “ribbit”
of my favourite amphibian?
Is there somewhere where all the frogs go for the winter –
some kind of “amphibian paradise” that has lots of water
and insects for them to live on and devour –
I wonder, because I have not seen one in what feels like ages;
I just hope that one day I will see a living, breathing,
frog right in front of me;
I would think though that the thought, or the likelihood,
of seeing a frog would be more likely here
in our ponds and gardens,
than in another country – especially France.

Frogs of the world have been seen, and they thrive,
all over the planet, and they all sport different colours
and patterns on their skin, which makes them
easier to differentiate between themselves:
some have spots, some have markings that make them stand out;
there are frogs of the rain-forests of Earth
in which you would find frogs of any and every colour:
even frogs that could be seen in the dark –
golden, luminous, and of course the green
that most people might expect a frog to be
if they saw one, no doubt.

Frogs are incredibly important to this world, to us,
and even now we are learning more about them,
and while investigating their natural biology
we are learning about how they could potentially heal
and cure us of so many of the planet’s most
dangerous diseases and infections,
and perhaps we will all one day
thank frogs for the miracle of each of us beating the odds?

I hope that there are frogs out there that are right now sleeping;
I hope that there are frogs out there that are jumping;
I hope that there are frogs out there that are spawning;
I hope one day to see another frog eye to eye,
and to never know a day when I, or anyone,
will never see another frog –
however, I have a feeling that we will never see or hear
the last of frogs.

My Poem ‘Open’

Opening a book;
opening the curtains;
opening up;
opening and letting your heart sing
like a musician;
opening your arms;
opening your hands;
opening your eyes;
opening and widening your perspective,
so that you can understand;
opening your mouth;
opening an umbrella;
opening a message, and letting something out;
opening a door that leads to a hidden cellar;
opening the clouds
to let the light through with a thought;
opening a window to air-out a dusty room;
opening a net to see what’s been caught;
opening the story of a life
with the image and the powerful experience of a full-moon;
opening your mind;
opening and clearing your lungs on the resting waves of an ocean;
opening wide;
opening like the petals of a flower,
and staying open.