My Poem ‘The Writer Type’

I can always tell
another writer when I see them;
I can always tell poetry
whenever I read something
that someone has written;
I can always tell another poet
when I hear them speak
with so much passion,
energy, and depth of intuition
in their voice;
I can always tell
and I always know
when a writer has an idea
for something to write in some form,
because I have that feeling
multiple times a day –
and when you feel that need to write rise,
as a writer, you just know in yourself
that what is on your mind
needs to flow unabated
as a matter of necessity and destiny,
and not always as a matter of choice.

I have a sixth sense for creative people;
I have an instinct for the inspired;
I have been a member of the church of poetry
for years now, and I am its life-long disciple;
I have the greatest adoration for people
who can change the world with the power of words,
and to whom their love of language
is one of the greatest of all their desires.

I could sit with my notebook
at a table in Starbucks,
I could lay on my bed looking out the window,
I could sit on a bench in the park,
I could sit under the moonlight in the dark,
and be absolutely captivated and lost
in thought by the most incredible
and the most inspiring creation of my imagination –
as I try to interpret, convey, and convert
my thoughts into words
that perfectly capture
the constellations of my universe
into understandable verse.

When I write, it is a stream of consciousness;
when I daydream, there is never
any limit to what I can imagine;
when the rhythm of my soul takes me
and I give birth to a newborn of my own poetry,
I love the experience so much;
when the artistic animal
catches me its sights and its embrace,
there is nowhere to run…
which to me is my kind of fun!

I can always tell someone
who has seen the artistic light;
I can always understand
when someone says out-loud
that they do not know
why they are doing what they are doing –
however, in more ways than they can describe,
they just know that what they are doing
just feels right;
I can always follow the thoughts
and the emotions of someone,
and I love sharing my own
as I too spread my poetic wings and take flight;
I can always tell ‘the writer type’.


My Poem ‘The Mix Sense’

When you can’t see, you hear;
when you can’t hear, you feel;
when you can’t feel,
you can say everything
with a look and a tear;
when you can’t cry
and you cannot express,
the only thing that you can do
to bring you back to life
is to strip yourself down to your soul
and let all of you be revealed.

There are times to be modest,
and there are times to be wild;
there are times to revitalize and refresh,
and there are times to look in the mirror
and like the look of your own style;
there are times to breath,
and there are times to believe;
there are times to take an intermission;
there are times to feel absolutely wonderful,
as if you were an infinitely floating leaf.

Everybody has a sixth sense;
in all the universe,
there may be an infinite number
of incredible, indescribable,
and breathtaking senses
that we cannot yet give a first-hand account of;
anybody who can look out, see, watch,
and who can take notice of the differences
that they see happening all around them,
is using a power that unifies
every one of their senses
into a single sense – a sixth sense;
that is something to realize,
and to take note of,
but to not think too much about,
which you should imbue from
as much as you can
and feel it turn a page in the book of your mind,
as if you were experiencing
a moment of falling in love.

To me, love is a sense all on its own
which has infinite depths, layers,
and intensity to it
that you can’t ever remake
or attempt to clone;
at the core of the universe –
where all life, energy, light, time,
and meaning was born, will die,
and will come back to life, ad aeternum
there is a constantly beating heart
sending out waves of change
throughout a multitude of dimensions of reality,
and there are some people who can sense
and feel these waves that echo
faster than the speed of light
and they can feel the changes
that take place all-around
and within themselves,
as they are made to see
what is right there
through a slightly obscured lens;
there are people who can stop time
and live an entire lifetime in a second in their mind,
however they sometimes miss the most important things
about life that make everything make sense.
All that is meant to be as-one
are what rise from the ocean of life
and stand out like a beautiful island
of infinite possibility –
which are like nothing else that you may see,
hear, taste, sense, touch anywhere else
in life’s incredible and infinite mix.