My Poem “Stream”

To me there is no better way
to get to know someone
than to talk to them...
to me there is no better way
to find commonalities with people
than to open-up to someone...
to me there is no better way
to find out who each of use are
than to look at the face of another
who might seem as opposite and yet
familiar to us as our own reflection...
to me there is no better way
to lose yourself than to
allow yourself to fall in love.

Life is a much more fulfilling experience
when you choose to have a meeting of minds
with people from different walks of life...
life is always much more interesting
when you look beyond what is familiar
and you seek to see what lies
over the ever-present horizon...
life is much more entrancing to all of our senses
when we choose to not deprive ourselves
of what drives us and what inspires us...
life is always more fascinating and enlightening
when you give someone the time
to hear what they have to say -
perhaps someone who may have been waiting
to tell that which has been on their mind
and on the tip of their tongue for far too long.

When you invite someone to join you,
when you offer someone a seat,
when you make a connection
that might never have happened
if you and another had not chosen
to sit down, to talk, and to listen -
what can follow as a result
may continue to flow naturally
and undeterred for days, for weeks,
perhaps even for years to come,
between you and someone else,
like a constantly evolving stream.

My Poem ‘Sympatico’

It truly is good to share;
it truly is great to communicate;
it truly is epic to marvel at the most beautiful,
as you look, stop, revel, and stare;
it truly is miraculous to find someone,
and to know someone,
who from minute one
you instantly feel that they are
your long-lost soulmate.

Associations bind the planet;
relationships keep the heart of the world beating;
inside everybody is a secret poet;
there is no such thing
as an accidental or chance meeting.

The moment that you make a friend
you create ripples in their life,
and they create waves in yours;
the moment that you establish a rhythm with someone
you can always count on what drew you to them
in the first place, because to you
they are like a beautiful sand-covered beach shore;
when someone first makes you smile,
when someone makes you laugh for the first time,
there is an instant and growing synergy
and an energy that becomes spectacular
and breathtaking – like the scenery of a country mile;
and without having to try
there is a melding together
of hearts and minds.

True understanding does not always come from explaining,
true learning mostly comes from interacting and practicing;
true love for someone which is also mutual
is something that you really and truly just know;
the true pull of the universe
that holds everything together
is as mysterious as dark matter,
it is as beautiful and as shining as the stars –
and whether you realize it at all,
that which is the most important of them all in life
is to feel, to understand, to cherish,
and to realize that life is meant to be lived,
and as long as you have life
you have it all.

My Poem ‘The First Impression’

The first impression
is always the most important;
the way that you present yourself
speaks volumes about how important
something is to you;
the first word that you speak
echoes and forever stands out;
the old saying that you can tell a lot
about someone just by watching
and noticing how someone walks in their shoes,
and what someone’s choice of footwear
can tell you about someone,
is absolutely true;
the first of anything
sets the standard for everything to follow;
the first expression can have as much impact
as a burst of light from the sun;
the first message is often forgotten –
however, if and when reread,
that same first chain of words,
at the end of everything,
always resurfaces and means the most;
the first signs, the first icons,
can imprint more meaning, more feeling,
and they can be a source of constant hope,
like the always recognizable symbol of love.

Meeting someone you love,
meeting someone you care for and adore,
meeting someone you have never met before for the first time,
meeting and greeting someone at your front door,
is one of the best things that will ever happen to you –
especially, because the more instant
and unexpected that first meeting is
it can speed up your thoughts
and your heart-rate so fast that
that first view can change you.

Love at first sight is true,
it exists, and it is not simply a myth
invented by romantics;
the first exposure to anything,
especially at a young age,
will inform a great many
of your important life-decisions;
the first reaction that you have to something
can sometimes be deceptive –
but the look that someone gives you with their eyes
can be as rhythmic as a song-lyric;
and just as everybody follows one kind
and one type of a fashion,
so too does everything grow
from that very important first impression.

My Poem ‘Ruby Slippers’

Sometimes the things that happen to us in life
can make us forget that there is magic all around us;
sometimes all we need to do
is meet that special person to remind us;
sometimes if we reach out and grasp a moment of importance
it can be like catching a star in your hand;
sometimes the world comes into focus,
we take in a breath, we close our eyes,
and when we breath out again,
and when we open our eyes again,
our perfect match can be waiting for us
right in front of us,
and all we had to do to be given this gift of connection
was to keep our faith in finding that special someone,
and giving ourselves over to fate and destiny’s plan.

We all sometimes need reminding
that as we are looking for someone,
someone is also looking in our direction;
but, as with everything that has the potential to be life-changing,
the right time and the right place is everything –
however, miracles of life and beauty happen every day,
and of the thousands that happen
two epic spectacles come to mind:
the setting in the evening,
and the rise in the morning of the sun.

If you meet someone, if something happens;
you have met that someone,
and that which has happened happened for a reason –
we are all guided, taught, inspired,
given seemingly accidental opportunities
to be introduced to a new and wonderful world,
and we are all sometimes just taken away
to see, live, and experience a life
where anything is possible,
where we can meet anyone who before
may only have been just a dream,
and whom we would only have spoken about
to someone else in whispers;
if life gives you the means to see behind
the magic curtain of the world,
so that you can see that there is even more beautiful
and fantastic things to see, worlds to be found,
and incredible people to meet,
take every chance, jump into the unknown,
and if doing that means that you have to do
what Dorothy Gale did in The Wizard of Oz, so be it –
so put on a smile, and make the most
of what you have been given and what you have found –
especially if that is a special person that you meet,
or perhaps a pair of ruby slippers.