My Poem “Stream”

To me there is no better way
to get to know someone
than to talk to them...
to me there is no better way
to find commonalities with people
than to open-up to someone...
to me there is no better way
to find out who each of use are
than to look at the face of another
who might seem as opposite and yet
familiar to us as our own reflection...
to me there is no better way
to lose yourself than to
allow yourself to fall in love.

Life is a much more fulfilling experience
when you choose to have a meeting of minds
with people from different walks of life...
life is always much more interesting
when you look beyond what is familiar
and you seek to see what lies
over the ever-present horizon...
life is much more entrancing to all of our senses
when we choose to not deprive ourselves
of what drives us and what inspires us...
life is always more fascinating and enlightening
when you give someone the time
to hear what they have to say -
perhaps someone who may have been waiting
to tell that which has been on their mind
and on the tip of their tongue for far too long.

When you invite someone to join you,
when you offer someone a seat,
when you make a connection
that might never have happened
if you and another had not chosen
to sit down, to talk, and to listen -
what can follow as a result
may continue to flow naturally
and undeterred for days, for weeks,
perhaps even for years to come,
between you and someone else,
like a constantly evolving stream.

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