My Poem “Mad Rush”

During the hours and the days
of November and December,
there is always this energy
in the air that can be felt
and which can intoxicate people in many ways,
and which can bring out the best in people -
love, charity, friendship, family -
and which can also, sometimes,
bring out the worst in people -
competitiveness, jealousy, inferiority -
and it is during the Christmas period
that people behave in ways they never would
at any other time of the year.

Christmas should be a happy time
when people think about one another -
however there are moments when some people
can become overly self-conscious
and they can believe that something
that they have must be "better"
than what everybody else has
in order for it to be considered "good"...
November to December should be when
family is more important and everybody is thankful
for who and what they have in their life...
the "holiday season" - as it is known -
is and should be when there are literal
and poetic examples of hopefulness
and light on show from morning till night.

Every year everybody around the world
participates in traditions and customs
that can only be practiced at a particular time,
for particular reasons, during which and because of
the meaning of different seasons -
and depending on what time of the year it is
some things are considered obligatory and a "must"...
every year everybody slowly but surely
changes their demeanor and sometimes
they can even change the way
that they think and react to certain things -
and there are times when ordinarily calm
and collected individuals can find themselves
switching to a version of their personality
who voluntarily runs, and sometimes even fights,
with those that are also in the midst of the "red mist"
of the annual "mad rush".

My Poem “The Best of All Worlds”

It can sometimes be hard
to find balance in your life…
it can sometimes feel like
you are walking a line
when trying to find
a happy medium in your life…
it can sometimes be like ice-skating
when you are trying to keep going
and attempting to stay upright…
it can sometimes be perilous
trying to please every side
of your own personality…
it can sometimes be hard
juggling your emotions
while trying to cater to
the feelings of other people…
knowing what side to choose
and what the best thing to do
can be a test of character
and a crossroads to what and to where
your heart and soul yearns for…
sometimes, in order to have a happy life,
you need to make compromises…
sometimes, in order to achieve peace
and reconciliation between two sides,
you have to find some kind of common ground…
sometimes, to realize happiness within yourself,
you need to find the right way to say
what sometimes cannot be expressed in words…
sometimes in this life you have got to make amends
with the things that you can’t control
and allow nature to take its course –
and, usually, at some point, you reach an impasse
where you discover the best of all worlds.

My Poem ‘Eccentric’

Everybody has their own quirks of personality;
everybody has something about them
that wonderfully singles them out;
everybody has the rite
to wear the crown of their own reality;
everybody is like the weather of the world –
depending on the temperature,
depending on the colour,
depending on the time of the day, or the year,
the forces of nature
and the thoughts of everybody close by
can combine to reveal wonderful
and phenomenal personal eccentricities.

I love the eccentric;
I adore the quirky;
I love the one of a kind
that are poetic and epic;
I adore the thrill of discovering a new find;
I love the unconventional;
I adore the extraordinary;
I love the language of the true individual;
I adore an oddity.

Everybody in the world is sometimes obsessive;
everybody on the planet is sometimes compulsive;
everybody has their own version
and vision of perfection;
everybody knows how to bring an oasis of peace
to a tumultuous storm of disorder.

Life is an infinite spectrum;
free-spirited and care-free people
are a bubbling cocktail
of many infusions of taste and inspiration –
like a mirror of life
reflecting the world back on itself;
life is a never-ending exploration;
the more natural that something feels
can only be something that is good for your health.

Some people thrive when in the spotlight;
some people would rather live in the shade;
some people are secret masters of life;
some people just want to heal the world
one person at a time –
even if the only thing that they can offer
is a smile to anyone and everyone
who needs one every single day.

There are some people
who like formality and predictability,
over improbability;
there are some people who act with serenity
when everybody else may have already descended
into a state of unbridled panic;
there are some people
who will never change who they are,
who will be amazing in more ways
than they will ever know,
always and indefinitely;
there are some people who are magnetic,
energetic, synergetic, kinetic, poetic,
who are in their own way prophetic –
because they are so wonderfully eccentric.