My Poem “Mad Rush”

During the hours and the days
of November and December,
there is always this energy
in the air that can be felt
and which can intoxicate people in many ways,
and which can bring out the best in people -
love, charity, friendship, family -
and which can also, sometimes,
bring out the worst in people -
competitiveness, jealousy, inferiority -
and it is during the Christmas period
that people behave in ways they never would
at any other time of the year.

Christmas should be a happy time
when people think about one another -
however there are moments when some people
can become overly self-conscious
and they can believe that something
that they have must be "better"
than what everybody else has
in order for it to be considered "good"...
November to December should be when
family is more important and everybody is thankful
for who and what they have in their life...
the "holiday season" - as it is known -
is and should be when there are literal
and poetic examples of hopefulness
and light on show from morning till night.

Every year everybody around the world
participates in traditions and customs
that can only be practiced at a particular time,
for particular reasons, during which and because of
the meaning of different seasons -
and depending on what time of the year it is
some things are considered obligatory and a "must"...
every year everybody slowly but surely
changes their demeanor and sometimes
they can even change the way
that they think and react to certain things -
and there are times when ordinarily calm
and collected individuals can find themselves
switching to a version of their personality
who voluntarily runs, and sometimes even fights,
with those that are also in the midst of the "red mist"
of the annual "mad rush".

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