My Poem ‘There with you’

When I’m talking to you,
and I know that
there is something wrong with you,
I can’t tell you
how that makes me feel –
I just wish that I could kiss you for real
and take away your stress and your pain,
I wish I could go back in time
and step back inside the photo-frame
to when we were together
and happily sitting with each other in the sun;
I wish I could take away the agony
that torments you… with all my love.

Why do the sweetest have to go through so much?
Why must I be so far away now
when you are all that I can think about
and all that I want to touch?
Why must an ocean keep us
on different continents?
Why can’t we just got back to the moments
when we used to sit on the porch?

You need me, and I need you;
you are my everything
and the best thing that has ever happened to me,
and I would give anything right now
and always to forever be with you;
I should be there when you need me the most;
I wish I could package myself to you
as simple as sending a gift to you by post;
I know that I can’t be there now,
but I promise you that I am on my way;
you are my entire life,
and I just wish that there
were more words to say
all that there is to say about you,
my angel of light.

I’m here for you, babe;
I will always be the one
who you can rely on;
if I lived just around the corner
I would be there
by your side right now,
and there would be nothing
that could stand in my way –
because you are my only one.

I wrote this for you;
I want to be with you;
I would do anything
to have my arms wrapped around you;
I will be there with you soon,
and I can’t wait –
because all that I want to do
and the only place where I want to be
is right there with you
for all of eternity.


My Poem ‘In the mood’

We all have to be in the mood for things;
we all want certain things when we feel a need;
we all have different tastes,
and, depending on what time of the day it is,
we all have different cravings;
we all need a cocktail of many things
to grow and flourish, like a plant from a seed.

Some days you are in the mood for tea;
some days you are in the mood for coffee;
sometimes you are in the mood for music;
sometimes you are in the mood for poetry;
some days you are in the mood to wear something red;
some days you are in the mood to wear something black;
sometimes you are in the mood for garlic bread;
sometimes you are just in the mood for a snack.

A particular song can put you in a mood for something;
a particular smell can put you in a mood of nostalgia,
like the aroma of fresh flowers on a sunny day in spring;
a particular memory can put you in a mood to relive old times;
a particular object that you hold in your hand
can put you in a mood to return to a pace you once visited
that has a significance and an importance that still chimes.

What you are in the mood for can sometimes come out of nowhere;
what you are in the mood for can be something
that you have wanted for a short time;
what you are in the mood for might be an experience that is rare;
what you are in the mood for, just the thought of which,
can send shivers down your spine.

Everyone has their moods;
everybody has an outward impression of an inward feeling
that they sometimes unknowingly exude;
everyone has a multitude of interests, feelings,
and can respond or react in any way they choose;
everybody has something that they do
and something that they want,
and that can be the same as always and predictable,
or something new and spontaneous –
it all depends on how we all feel when we are in the mood.

My Poem ‘Mark The Poet’

Mark, the Poet-
make sure this time you don’t blow it.
You are starting again-
new page, same pen.
Everything before was just preparation-
you went along for the ride,
because you were in need of love and connection.
You already had everything you needed,
you were just trying to be all things to all people-
but guess what? You found out you weren’t perfect.
It’s not a problem to be knocked down,
as long as you get back up;
it’s human to cry when something and someone
hits you by surprise and knocks you on your butt.
You are a lover, not a fighter-
but, at your heart,
you don’t want to just play your part;
you want to be happy-
that is your life-long wish;
you want to take your time and go gently,
but you also want to do everything right this second-
however, everything you want to do,
no one would ever be able to fit
on any bucket list.
That is your gift, that is your problem;
your intensity has inadvertently opened up rifts,
your overwhelming passion has blown up in your face
like a bomb.
You need to learn to listen to the right people
at the right time;
you need to stop worrying
about what you are going to write on the next line;
you need to go with the flow,
and trust who and what you know;
you need to keep being yourself;
you need to stop wanting to impress somebody else;
you need to keep things simple in your head,
because you know that you are not stupid;
you know who you are,
so don’t for a second forget it.
Be the Mark with the biggest heart;
be the Mark who you’ve been from the start;
be the Mark you’ve been destined to be
since you first breathed in the air,
and looked up at the sky of this planet;
be the Mark of music;
be Mark the favourite;
be the Mark of magic;
write a sonnet,
and be Mark The Poet.