My Poem “The Nervous System”

Not only is the human body
an impressive end product
of evolutionary biology,
it is also an intricate and
highly complex network of electricity
that is integral for the communication
of the systematic pulses and signals
of coordination that define a person’s actions
and what they sense about
their surrounding environment –
in fact every animal on Earth
has both a Central Nervous System
as well as a Peripheral Nervous System
that is directly responsible for
many of the things that individuals
can do and often times take for granted.

There are over 7 trillion nerves
in the human body…
there are over 86 billion neurons
in the human brain…
the average human being can produce
between 100 and 2000 watts of energy…
the average person’s heart will beat
60 to 70 beats per minute –
meaning that a person might end up
producing 2 billion beats over a lifetime,
which to me in absolutely astounding!

There is so much that we do know
about how the average human body functions…
there is so much that we do know
about how long the average human
man or woman will live based
upon their lifestyle choices…
there is so much that we know
about how the different and individual
systems of our bodies work in unison
with one another;
however, when it comes to the brain,
doctors and experts are still trying
to figure out exactly why and how
the Central Processing Unit that
is the place where we think, we dream,
and we interpret what we feel
into emotion actually works.

There is more to our own selves
than we could possibly imagine…
there is more to how we do
what we do than we could understand…
we know more about the surface of the sun
than we do about our own minds…
there is more to learn about how
we intuitively perceive some things
about life that still does not make sense…
there is more to learn about everything –
and there is no more fundamental,
and yet still mystifying, internal
that we still need to uncover
all the secrets of, which makes all
complex life on our planet possible,
than that which is our incredible and
interconnected nervous system.


My Poem ‘Poet’s Corner’

I am sitting here writing;
I am sitting here musing about the world;
I am sitting here enjoying a coffee-
the voices of people,
and the sounds of everyday life;
I am sitting here alone at my table;
and on the table next to me
a fellow poet is meeting up
and having a conversation
about how they just wrote a new poem,
about how beautiful the new day’s morning is,
and about things that they have seen
which they find exciting, inspiring, amazing,
and they sound just like I do in my head,
and I cannot stop smiling.

The poet sounds like they are from South Africa,
by their accent;
the poet is talking to their friend,
and they sound and they talk with so much
clarity and passion.

The poet is wearing a poppy;
the poet is not eating or drinking anything;
the poet is definitely someone after my own heart,
and obviously, to them, living, breathing,
writing, communicating, is not just a hobby;
the poet and his friend, it turns out,
have never met before,
and have only communicated over the internet,
until this moment;
the poet is describing a “great adventure”
that he has undertaken, and is still on,
and they are obviously, genuinely,
happy about the joys in their life,
and what they have gives them,
and what having a connection with people brings.

It is truly unbelievable what happens in life.
It is no accident who you may sit down next to.
It has been my experience that artists, writers,
poets, and people of deep thought passion,
and imagination, are drawn to each other
by a mutual drive;
it is the way of the universe
that people are who they are,
and the way that they are,
and there is an important reason
that people do what they do.

I watched in silence as the poet and his friend
exchanged gifts and spoke about what their presents
and their presence means to them;
I was hypnotized by their conversation,
by their story, and by everything they said;
I was enthralled, but I was sad –
because I knew that I would probably
never see or hear these amazing friend again,
but I too was thankful to them both
for coming into my life,
even if it were only for a sparing,
precious, and short time,
and the whole time that I was in their presence
I was unbelievably energized and phenomenally inspired.

There are too many coincidences and commonalities
for life to be just a string or a chain of accidental encounters,
there are too many things that matter to too many at once
for them to be unconnected,
even if they are the separate lives and stories of strangers.
There are so many places on this Earth
which attract people who share a brilliant,
beautiful, open, heart of a storyteller;
there are places like this place
that I am sitting in right now
that have a meaning and a power to them –
which I like to describe, and which I believe,
are amazing poet’s corners.