My Poem “The Nervous System”

Not only is the human body
an impressive end product
of evolutionary biology,
it is also an intricate and
highly complex network of electricity
that is integral for the communication
of the systematic pulses and signals
of coordination that define a person’s actions
and what they sense about
their surrounding environment –
in fact every animal on Earth
has both a Central Nervous System
as well as a Peripheral Nervous System
that is directly responsible for
many of the things that individuals
can do and often times take for granted.

There are over 7 trillion nerves
in the human body…
there are over 86 billion neurons
in the human brain…
the average human being can produce
between 100 and 2000 watts of energy…
the average person’s heart will beat
60 to 70 beats per minute –
meaning that a person might end up
producing 2 billion beats over a lifetime,
which to me in absolutely astounding!

There is so much that we do know
about how the average human body functions…
there is so much that we do know
about how long the average human
man or woman will live based
upon their lifestyle choices…
there is so much that we know
about how the different and individual
systems of our bodies work in unison
with one another;
however, when it comes to the brain,
doctors and experts are still trying
to figure out exactly why and how
the Central Processing Unit that
is the place where we think, we dream,
and we interpret what we feel
into emotion actually works.

There is more to our own selves
than we could possibly imagine…
there is more to how we do
what we do than we could understand…
we know more about the surface of the sun
than we do about our own minds…
there is more to learn about how
we intuitively perceive some things
about life that still does not make sense…
there is more to learn about everything –
and there is no more fundamental,
and yet still mystifying, internal
that we still need to uncover
all the secrets of, which makes all
complex life on our planet possible,
than that which is our incredible and
interconnected nervous system.

My Poem “Eyes”

I wonder how many people realise
that when they are staring into
another person’s eyes
that they are not only looking at
the windows into a person’s soul
but they are also seeing the most
external part of that person’s brain
which is constantly relaying multiple images
at the speed of light down the optic nerve
of each eye to the part of the brain
responsible for making decisions
and stimulating many simultaneous
reactions as a result,
and it is also true that you can tell
a lot about a person’s health
and their lifestyle by watching
the way that the iris of someone’s eye
moves, dilhilates, focuses and flickers –
and I think the fact that our eyes
have such a direct connection to
the way our brain operates,
the thoughts that we have,
and the storm of chemicals that
bubbles up within us perfectly
why it is important to take care of your eyes
because they are vital in more ways
that some people might realise.

My Poem ‘Missing Words’

We read in sentences, not words;
we sometimes see words that are not there,
but are meant to be there;
we sometimes hear in our mind the unheard;
we all make connections
and take leaps of logic and imagination
when trying to make sense of something
that makes us feel, think, jump with joy, and care.

We all give a part of ourselves
to what we create, read, love, and see;
we all see and sculpt shapes of the clouds in the sky
in our mind and vision that resemble things
from our hopes and dreams;
we all take trips of instinct and intuition
when thinking about what is and what could be;
we can all draw the shape of a heart and share it,
and receive it, and instantly know what it means.

Our brains and our minds are more powerful
and more capable of navigating a path than we believe,
even one that might appear treacherous and impassable;
our accumulated knowledge
is deeper and richer than buried treasure,
and we sometimes know more than we think;
our individual way of seeing hope in chaos
is something that is truly magical;
our gift of seeing things before we see them in front of us
is an unbelievably incredible source of fantastic vision
and inspiration that take us anywhere and show us anything
with a blink.

Missing words are like puzzle pieces that we fill-in silently;
missing words are like invisible bridges
that come to life naturally and give meaning and feeling,
and they capture something’s spirit, like poetry;
missing words are always found,
and they always make themselves heard –
like nature does at sunset, with the evening song of all birds;
and if and when the moment calls for it,
you and your amazing mind will instantly seek out
and reach for the right words and they will be what were once
the missing words.