My Poem “Vamos!”

There is really no time like the present...
the past anchors us but can sometimes
seem closer or farther away than it appears...
nothing and no one stays the same for long -
explosions of energy and light burn brightly
and then return to where they came from,
but can be captured for all eternity
through the appeture of a camera lens...
the future is a constantly unveiling tapestry
that can only be quantified
when it is divided into seconds, minutes,
hours, weeks, months, and years.

The speed of light is fast -
but, even in space, there are limits...
the sound of someone's voice
can continue to be heard
long after they have passed...
there are times when we have to sacrifice
moments spent with people,
because sometimes the time we are given
isn't enough to fit everything
that we need to do in...
whether it is the footprints on The Moon,
or the tiretracks on the surface of Mars,
every one and everything leaves impressions -
and some things endure
not just because they exist within a vacuum,
but because they are an example
of why some things are innately meant to last.

We leave so much behind...
we all wish that we could revist
some of the highlights from our life
and speak to some of the people
who we have lost...
we all dream of things and people
that seem to come out of nowhere -
but when it comes to our connection
with all things, everywhere,
there is no such thing as the passage of time...
when we realise that our time is short
in comparison to most things in the universe,
we all come to the conclusion
that we need to do what we can,
where we can, when we can -
because, if we do not, then there may come a day
when we awaken, wonder, and wish
that when we were given the chance
to do something extraordinary we had -
because so many great leaps
into the unknown started
with someone saying: "Let's go!"

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