My Poem “Carnival”

A celebration of life...
a rainbow of colour...
an explosion of light...
a parade of wonder...
a celebration of individuality,
as well as a way to show
that we are all one,
the same, together...
an experience that seems
dream-like when you are
in the middle of it...
a gathering of people,
unlike any other...
an atmosphere of energy
that creates something
that feels special,
which can reinvigorate
any and every spirit...
a feeling that influences
the way that people think,
speak, see, hear, and act...
a power and a natural magic
that is wonderful and unfathomable...
a way of being that people crave
and wish would always last...
a festival of love, unity,
as well as so much more
of what makes the world and existence
on this planet worth living for -
that is the heart and the soul
of a carnival.

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