My Poem “Sustaining Truth”

Every holiday celebrated
around the world
means different things
to different people...
everyone has an affinity
for some celebrations
more than most...
Easter, for example, is a time when
people young and old
get to share gifts of all sorts -
from chocolate eggs
to traditions that for generations
have been passed down
and practised because their message
has always been so meaningful...
the message of Easter, to me,
is that salvation can be found
by those who sometimes feel lost.

Every season has symbols
that embolize them...
every morning and evening
shares a vision of light
that is heavens sent...
every now and again
we are all asked to do
without something
in order to understand its essense -
like at the time of Lent.

Every faith rose and was inspired
and influenced by all others
since our ancestors began to
worship and give names to
the constellations of the stars
of the night sky...
every way to live on Earth
has its own lessons
and its followers have their
own trials to go through...
everything that happens in life
must be accepted and sometimes weathered -
just like a boat must ride
the infinite number of ocean waves
that are like ripples in the fabric of time...
every holiday has a reason to be embraced,
because humanity has always relied
upon the continued stories,
the ongoing mysteries,
and the significant figureheads
that are at the core of their
sustaining truth.

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