Mark The Poet – The Podcast: Episode #45

My Poem “Infinity”

There is nothing
that draws peoples’ eyes
than that of the dragon-like fire
of a rocket as it blasts off from Earth,
like a falcon that pierces the blue sky,
until it reaches the eternal darkness
of space where it is always night
and adorned with distant starlight –
and it is always a feat of human
ingenuity, teamwork, and dreams
that makes such a leap into the unknown
one of many small steps that
will always be recorded in great
detail for generations to come
what inspired and intelligent
people can do when they work together
with a mission of peace
and space exploration
and see them return safely
with stories of what was,
what is, and what will be
the more that humanity reaches out
towards the stars with unity
as we continue to explore
the depths of infinity.

My Poem ‘The Perfect Song’

The perfect song to wake up to;
the perfect song to get you ready for the day ahead;
the perfect song to work to while listening to;
the perfect song that you can’t mute,
which just continues to replay over and over in your head.

The perfect song to listen to while writing;
the perfect song to listen to while you are exercising;
the perfect song to make you happy;
the perfect song to listen to while drinking a cup of coffee.

The perfect song to inspire you;
the perfect song to motivate you;
the perfect song to make you feel;
the perfect song to help you heal.

The perfect song to walk down the aisle to at your wedding;
the perfect song to unlock your memories;
the perfect song to walk through the beautiful countryside,
while listening to that which magically enhances
everything that you see –
like being shown the muse of an epic and moving painting;
the perfect song that is also the most wonderful and incredible,
insightful, amazing, gift of spoken word and musical poetry.

The perfect song to soak in the bath to;
the perfect song to listen to while on a long journey;
the perfect song to sing to, and make your body move;
the perfect song to show you the stars,
and allow you to hear the music of infinity.

The perfect song says everything that you want to say,
and it may even be a song that was created before you were born;
the perfect song says more;
the perfect song says that there is someone who understands you,
and they know what you have been through;
the perfect song is the perfect song to you,
because it can lift you up when you are down,
and when the world feels wrong;
the perfect song says everything about you
at a particular moment in your life,
and from the first second that you heard it,
and it turned a switch inside you permanently on,
you knew in your mind and in your heart
that you had found the perfect song.