My Poem “The Giving”

Giving gifts is a vital part of life...
receiving gifts is something
that no one should take for granted...
giving gifts is something
that always fills me with delight...
receiving gifts is a gift, in and of itself -
especially to those people
who say that love and happiness
is the thing that they have always wanted
and all that anyone in life truly needs.

Giving a gift should be easy -
which, for the most part, it is;
the hardest thing is always
the selecting of what to buy,
for whom, and why...
receiving a gift should be second nature;
however, for some people, for some reason,
receiving gifts can make them feel uncomfortable,
because they feel as if they cannot reciprocate
the same value of gift that they have been given.

A gift given and received
can range from something as simple
and yet meaningful as a ring, or a CD,
to a car, or a plane-ticket
to somewhere with a beach;
but the important gift that anyone
on Earth give is of course
the gift of their time -
which is gift that is free
and one which that will last a lifetime.

The act and the art of giving a gift
should be painless;
however, unfortunately, some people
can be incredibly particular
about what they want to be given,
when, why, and how -
and sometimes meeting someone's
high-expectations can be a struggle;
however, as people get older,
the value of the gift that they are given,
and what it is, is outweighed
by the magic of gesture of someone
doing something for someone else
and being a part of someone's thoughts.

A gift that is given is supposed to be
a token of someone's affection,
not a chore that someone felt forced to do...
a gift received from someone special to you
should be accepted and welcomed
as a memento of a relationship
worth remembering.

A gift may not always be something
that you can take with you -
but whatever we choose to give,
and whatever we are given,
is a gift of the present,
as well as a memory
that can bridge the gulf of time;
and, in my opinion, there is nothing on Earth
that could ever compare to the gift of giving.

Happy Thanksgiving!

My Poem ‘Writing the blues’

Writing the blues
is writing about what you feel
deep in your heart;
writing about your feelings
is sometimes like telling a story
that you don’t know how, or where, to start;
writing is one of the most important things
in the life of a poet;
writing poetry is sharing your soul beautifully,
and seeing your dreams travel to the stars.

Only a fellow poet can know what it takes
to put your emotions and memories into words;
only a fellow artist can understand
what it means to create something important,
as a gift to the entire world;
only a fellow dreamer
can possibly go on a journey with you,
and give you hope when you need it the most;
only a fellow friend
with the most amazing generosity of spirit
can pick you up and bring you back to life
when you feel lost.

Things in life happen for a reason;
even the most beautiful and gifted of humanity,
some of the most gorgeous people that we know,
have to go through pain and confusion –
however, those friends, those dreamers,
those artists, those poets, those kindred spirits,
I pray will always remember that,
no matter how near or far away we are,
we are all on this planet
and we all live in this world
to be there for each other.

To you, my fellow poet of the blues;
to you, my fellow poet of the universe;
to you, from me the poet of the sphere;
to you, for you, because of you –
in the form of this poem,
I just want you to know,
that I am here for you.
Let your tears flow,
collect them and let the wave of life take you –
but stand tall, stay strong, think of me,
and continue to dream beautiful poetry;
when you sleep, and when you wake every morning,
continue to write from the heart,
and, as if you were singing,
continue writing the blues.

Dedicated to the wonderful poet Zula Blues Poet

My Poem ‘Bless You’

Saying “bless you” when someone sneezes;
holding a door open for someone;
saying “thank you”, saying please;
doing and making simple acts of kindness
and thoughtfulness that do not cost a thing
are wonderful things,
and to someone in need of a smile,
or of a bit of happiness,
you can make a person’s day that much more positive
and not as bad – especially if they are having a day
in which they are feeling down and glum.
Giving a stranger a song that you love to listen to;
giving a friend an idea they have been looking for for days;
giving a few minutes of you time to talk to someone,
and to listen to someone;
giving a couple of pounds to someone who asks you for it,
and who looks like they need it,
and not asking why they need it,
but giving what you have so that they can use it
to have what they want.
A thought, a touch, a smile, a look,
a light, a shade, a promise,
assistance in finding a way;
giving advice, giving someone tips,
saving a life, telling someone that you give a spit;
saying “I’m sorry”;
opening up about your own worries and troubles;
being there for someone when everything that could happen
has happened and seems to have all come
at once for someone, like a funnel;
telling someone that you love them;
doing something for someone out of the blue;
lending someone a pen;
giving someone a glance in their direction,
and a second thought of their health and happiness,
by saying when they sneeze “bless you”.

My Poem ‘A World of Difference’

Today I gave money to a homeless person;
today I gave a smile to someone
who really looked like they needed it;
today I offered to help someone;
today I bought a gift for someone, and it felt good;
today I thought about a friend,
and I silently gave them my love;
today I wrote a poem;
today I hoped that one day no one
would ever have to want for anything,
and that we all would honestly be able to say
that we have enough;
today I marveled at the spirit of generosity
that I felt in the air;
today I watched the sunrise,
and I am about to watch the sunset;
today I had a conversation with a random stranger
in a music store about vinyl albums,
and about how music sounds better
when it is played on a record player;
today I am thankful for what I have,
and not for what I don’t have –
because it is important to remember
sometimes that we are one person,
of one life, on one planet,
and one act of thanks and gratitude
can make a world of difference.