My Poem “The Comeback Kid”

He had been hurt...
He had been cursed...
He had learned the hard way
that some things are not meant to last -
but people who truly knew Him
always believed and expected
that He would one day make a comeback...
He had felt turned inside-out...
He had felt used and worn-out...
He had been attacked on every side,
He had been thought to have been defeated,
He had been left wounded
and scarred from His experiences -
but the people who had thought Him
easily destroyed always got a shock
when He rose again like the sun
and found a way to close the distances...
some people would rather discount fate
and mistakenly believe that life is all a series of coincidences,
but His interactions had taught Him otherwise -
which is why He always trusted His senses...
He had been deceived...
He had been non-believed...
He had been thrown to the side
like a piece of litter from a car window -
but what some people do not know
or realise
is that He never forgets and He always remembers
every thing and every face
that He has been shown...
He has spoken; He has listened...
He has been broken;
He has been awakened
to the good and the bad
of what others and He himself did...
He has felt burned -
physically, as well as in effigy;
but, do you know what?
He does not regret the fact that He has lived...
He is many things -
but one thing that He likes about himself,
and what some people have said
that they admire about Him,
is that no matter what happens
He will always be The Comeback Kid.