My Poem “The Burning Bulb”

This is what I remember...
this is how it used to be...
this is what I and many others
like me have been unable
to do for almost a year...
this is how I have spent
so many mornings as a writer, as a poet,
and as an observer of human nature:
sitting in my favourite café,
as the bells of a nearby clock ring out,
and feel like I am where and when
I need to be to take out my notebook
and write some new poetry.

It hasn't been the same experience,
it hasn't been the same magic -
even though I have not stopped
writing, nor creating new things,
over the last twelve months
I, like everybody, has had to adapt to living
in a world divided in so many ways...
even though I have not been
lacking in ideas, inspiration, drive,
nor passion to let my poetic side express itself -
now that I am back, sitting inside
and enjoying the ambience and the atmosphere
around me that I know so well,
which for years has fuelled my creativity,
I honestly feel as if I am able to spread
the wings of my intrinsically
poetic and artistic spirit.

I have learned over the years
to embrace every moment,
because things can very easily
be put on pause, beyond our control,
or can even be brought to an abrupt end -
which is why I often dwell upon memories
of where I have been, of what I have seen
and of what I have felt throughout my life...
I am someone who has always looked
to the distant horizon and to the future -
but when anybody goes through
a period of being within something,
or away from someone who matters to them,
everybody undoubtedly feels
this need to somehow go back,
to recapture and to relive all that to them
for so long has always felt like
a constant burning bulb of energizing
inspiration, light, and hope.

3 thoughts on “My Poem “The Burning Bulb”

  1. I hope I could get even an ounce of your positivity. It’s just so hard to see the beauty of memories when I am being devastated by the now. I have been focusing on my struggles that I have forgotten how to look back on beautiful moments that made me hope and dream. I want that feeling back.

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    • Life is incredibly hard for some people and often times when things happen beyond our control it can feel like life will never be and could be like it was – which is tragic to realize; and even for the most optimistic and hopeful of people, things can happen that can be incredibly devastating to a person’s personal belief system and their faith in people, and the hope that they wish there was about the future. I am, and I have always been, an optimist – no matter what has happened to me in my life, what I have felt, what thoughts I may have randomly had, my default position and state of mind is always one of eternal optimism and hope irregardless of what is going on around me that I can’t control. A few years ago I released a book of poetry called “The Eternal Boy” – and essentially that is who I am and who I will always be: continuously looking around, looking back, seeing, and marvelling at the good and the beauty that still exists in the world – even if it can be hard to see such beauty through the dark clouds that sometimes descend upon us. I hope that you can one day get that feeling of hope and optimism back – perhaps you just need to find a light to guide your way through until you can get to the other side of what you are going through and you will have found that gift that you have been wishing to rediscover. Take care, and I know this is easy for me to say but stay hopeful that everything will work itself out and please don’t give up! 🙂

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      • Wow. Such strong and inspiring words from you. I know, some of us are too weak to see the good even in difficult times and that’s why it’s easier to give up and waste away. But, I am learning how to be more flexible with the changes around me, that some things are beyond my control and that I have to learn how to adapt and use my struggles to better myself.

        “Eternal Boy” sounds interesting. 🙂

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