My Poem “The Spirit of a Poet”

Right from the start
it was the words of The Bard
that started the spark
that grew into the light in the dark
that is the poetry of my heart
and the gift that I use
to leave my mark…
I will bow before the master of language
that is William Shakespeare
for as long as I live and breathe –
and whenever I write a verse of poetry
I will always remember where I was
when I first read the Sonnets of The Bard
and the spirit of a poet was born within me.

Rest In Peace, William Shakespeare

My Poem ‘Sonnet’

This place cannot be.
This face I cannot see.
This feeling will kill me.
This beating in my chest must be set free.
This fire will inflame the world.
This desire is beyond all words.
This one was not the first,
but they will be the last.
This man has met the Angels of Heaven,
and the demons of hell,
and has been to the sun and back.
This miracle is not perfect.
This poem is the pulse of a poet.
This is my poem, this is my “Sonnet”.