My Poem “American Princess”

Everybody has dreams when they are young
about who they want to be
and what they want to be when they are older…
everybody hopes and wishes to be happy in the future…
everybody has this perfect image in their mind
of who their perfect person is to them –
and to me the woman who I love is perfect
in every way and incomparable to anybody else,
because to me she is a princess,
and in my eyes she always will be
God’s gift to me and to the entire world.

Across a vast ocean, our eyes met for the first time…
over the vast distance between our two countries,
we first heard each others’ voice
and we first told one another that we loved each other…
I will never forget the moment
I first saw my American princess…
I will never forget how amazing, how magical,
and how incredible it felt when we touched each other
for the first time and we shared our first kiss…
I knew from the moment that I met my true soulmate
that I could never love another
and that we were meant to always be together.

Every day, people from all around the world,
who were born in different countries,
meet, become friends, and fall in love…
every day, people who come from different cultures
and who speak with different accents
find each other and instantly know
that they have found someone who lights up their life
like nobody else can, who they never want to live without…
every day, two people who are meant to be
have their unbreakable bond blessed…
every day, people find the one who for them
is like an angel from above…
every day, people feel things that they have never felt…
every day, people discover the meaning of their lives –
just as I did and just as I do over and over again
every day when I look into the eyes
of my gorgeous and beautiful American princess.

My Poem ‘Our Magical Opus’

I want to tell you a story,
about a prince of poetry
and a princess of unfathomable beauty…
who met and who fell in love
after being drawn together
and to each other
by their love of music,
who long to live happily ever after
in each others arms as-one
and forever enjoy and revel
in each others’ magic.

There are forces at work all around us;
there are unstoppable alignments at play
like the perfect orbits of planets;
there are electronic, spiritual,
biological, magical opuses;
there are seemingly random fragments
combining and attracting each other like magnets.

That first picture;
that first message;
that first peak under the cover;
that first expression of love;
that first digital kiss;
that first shared dream;
that first face to face;
that first smile that eclipses
all others that you have ever seen;
that first touch;
that first look;
that first first embrace;
that first loss of control
when hands and fingers and lips
come together in a lock.

There are modern day fairy-tales;
there are people who are meant to be
together forever all around the world;
there are stories of synchronicity
that are as beautiful and amazing
and as breathtaking as they are incredible;
there are some fires
that are always meant to burn.

The story of this prince
and this princess…
the story of the American beauty
and the English poet…
the tale of the Englishman
and the American woman
who love one-another
more than they could ever confess…
the tale of the two hearts
who grew up worlds apart,
but who one day found each other
as if discovering a life-changing
and priceless treasure…
is the story of the beautiful destiny
of my angel and I –
that is deeper, richer, and more amazing
than words could ever describe,
because it is the most phenomenal, epic,
unbelievable, poetic and magical opus.


My Poem ‘The Good Fairy’

Some people look so gorgeous,
you would think that they were
the living embodiment of a flower;
some people are so beautiful,
you may frequently mistake them
for a real-life angel;
some people bring joy and happiness
in someone else’s life
with a simple shining smile;
some people are like princesses
that you can see but can’t reach –
because they are somewhere
that you have to make a climb to get to them,
as if they were living their life
at the top of a tower;
some people are just simply and incredibly
phenomenal and magical;
some people, one person
can be the difference
and can be the true awe-inspiring example
of a light in the dark
so bright that they burn more intensely
and hotter than a phoenix’s tail.

I have always believed
that reality is more profound
and fantastic than fantasy;
I have always known the true meaning of a bond,
and how deep and how far
feelings and emotions can take us;
I have always believed
that I was being drawn because of destiny;
I have always known things in my heart
that I haven’t always been able
to find the words to say –
however, I have always believed
and I have always been shown
that when the time is right
everybody finds a way to make known
what their heart yearns to express.

Some people are an inspiration
every day in more ways than one;
one person will always be to you
your life-long shining star and burning sun;
some people are special for just being themselves,
and it is because they are so honest
and pure of heart that people love them
and are inspired by them
to write poems of poetry;
one person to each of us
is our true life companion, inspiration,
and our own personal guardian angel
and eternal good fairy.