Top Gun: Maverick (2022 film), a review

In this episode Mark does a review of the 2022 American action drama film “Top Gun: Maverick” directed by Joseph Kosinski and starring Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Val Kilmer, which is the sequel to the 1986 film “Top Gun”. Mark discusses why some sequels to successful films work and why some do not, and why some sequels deserve to be made while others are made for all the wrong reasons.

My Poem “Maverick”

I have never minded flying solo...
I have never minded going my own way
rather than going with the flow...
I have never minded thinking
differently than those around me...
I have never minded being independent
because having the gift of independence
is the key to being truly free.

Even as a boy I knew that my path
through life would be different
from that of my friends...
as a child, and still now, I was never afraid
to take a leap into the unknown
while those around me stand still and stare
and as I choose to push down on the throttle
and go to where others might not dare.

I always enjoyed the thrill
and the adrenaline rush
of going against conformity...
I always loved running
and being fast on my feet...
I always wanted to push the envelope
and be catapulted to the outer reaches
of time, possibility, and space...
I always wanted to be and I always will be,
whether inside or outside a cockpit,
a test pilot, a rebel, a rocket man,
a daredevil, and a maverick.