My Poem ‘As the song says’

I am only ‘Human’;
I live to ‘Imagine’;
In my ‘Imagination’
I have been ‘To the Moon And Back’;
I love intensely, endlessly,
‘Truly, Madly, Deeply’;
I have seen the face of ‘Heaven’;
when I was younger, I used to wish
that I had been ‘Born In The U.S.A.’;
I have stood high above the world
and have been captivated by the awe-inspiring
height I am standing at ‘All Along The Watchtower’;
I would give ‘Anything’ to look at my own reflection
and be the ‘Man In The Mirror’;
I would love it if I could make some moments
last forever, and ‘Stay Another Day’.

My ‘Burning Heart’ has never burned hotter or brighter;
my taste for life is as sweet as ‘Chocolate’;
my best has never been ‘Closer’;
my ‘Human Nature’, my inside-out emotions,
let me feel, see, and allow me to ‘Dance In The Dark’;
my new day feels ‘(Just Like) Starting Over’;
my hope has the power of a ‘Kiss from a Rose’;
my smile lingers;
I love my angel of inspiration,
and I could never ‘Let Her Go’.

The world and I play ‘Mind Games’;
the soundtrack around me makes me ‘Move Like Jagger’;
the world is able, this day and age, to bestow instant ‘Fame’;
nature is able to show you the truth of things,
daily from its ‘Little Black Book’,
and give everyone a dose of ‘Instant Karma’.

I am not just a ‘One Trick Pony’.
I embrace all things with ‘Open Arms’.
I sometimes feel ‘Out of Touch’,
but I always come ‘Back to Life’
when I feel ‘The Power of Love –
and I daily feel like I could run a marathon,
and climb to the top of high steps,
and raise my arms, as if I am ‘Gonna Fly Now’
like ‘Rocky’.
I feel like I know ‘Salvation’ when I ‘Say Something’,
and I sing to the one I love ‘Everything I do, I do it for you’;
as astronauts have silently said while ‘Walking On The Moon’,
as friends have felt ‘Always’, ‘Together’ –
especially those who were alive in the ‘Summer of ’69’;
and I never forget that ‘Life is a highway’,
that ‘True Love Never Dies’,
and that ‘The Best is yet to come’,
while we are all ‘Surrounded’ by the wonder
of a ‘Sky Full of Stars’, like the song says.


My Poem ‘The Cure for Cancer’

We live in an incredible day and age
when we can do almost anything-
we can do almost anything,
we can go almost everywhere,
we can say almost everything,
we can enjoy the wonders of the world
that surrounds us, without a care;
however, there are things that we cannot do,
there are places that we cannot go,
there are things that we cannot say;
there are people in this life
whose destiny it is to live
the shortest of lives,
and to be afflicted with a disease
that touches and effects the lives of everyone,
young and old, everywhere-
a life-changing shadow,
which no light shone can yet completely cure,
and that darkness is cancer.

My aunt Mary died of cancer
when I was a teenager,
and unfortunately I did not see
or get a chance to say goodbye
to my auntie before she died.
My Dad’s older sister,
I remember was always someone who was smiling,
happy, thinking about everybody else;
my auntie Mary came with us to Florida
when I was a child,
and even though I was very young
I remember her enjoyment, her smile,
her heart of adventure at being
in an unknown country
and experiencing adventures,
that you would always keep with you,
that are literally once in a life-time.
I remember taking my aunt’s, my uncle’s,
my family members’ faces, voices, and spirit
for granted, and never once thinking
that they would ever die, or be in ill-health.

We all take things and people for granted,
and we all stupidly hold grudges on people
who are as human as we are,
and who know they are,
because they are going through their own
trial of mortality.
Cancer has touched and has been a big part
of the life of every family,
and right now it is still touching my family,
and it is still having a profound effect
on every family, and when I think
of what cancer is, and what it means,
and where the fight to beat it has taken people
and will take people,
I feel small, I feel weak,
I feel like if it were possible
that the life of one person
could change the direction of the tide
in eradicating and subduing cancer forever,
I would choose to willingly sacrifice my life
so that every other life of humanity
may be spared more pain and anguish,
and so that no one else may have to
fight every day to preserve
the memory of their identity.

We can all be a part of finding a truth
that may one day be the key
to understanding and building a future of hope,
devoid of the word, the hurt,
the silent fear, that is cancer;
we can all be there to give all that we can,
in any way that we can;
we can all be there for those who need us
now more than ever;
we can all be the difference;
we can all be a part of the cure for cancer.