My Poem “Poetropolis”

A city is like an ocean…
From high above a city looks so calm,
so beautiful, so shiny, so peaceful –
no matter if it is seen at night or during the day…
From far away a city shows a version of itself
that is but one of a multitude of masks that it wears
to entice visitors to it –
however, it isn’t until you
descend deeper into any city
and you are walk it’s streets,
which are in essence the veins and the arteries
of this ever talking, ever changing,
ever evolving man-made organism,
that you begin to see the side of a city
that can only be witnessed the more that you look,
the more that you listen,
and the more that you take in
that which makes every city
the dichotomy of light and dark that it is
of the visible and the invisible,
of the advertised and the disguised –
but there is always something about every city
that makes it stand out as a place
that people need to visit,
whose treasures to be found within cannot missed…
Every city, like an ocean, is made up of
those who inhabit it
and those who populate it,
and the more that you get to know
a city’s many intricately complex people
who are woven into the fabric
of a city’s multicoloured
and multifaceted tapestry
the more that you will see
the varying loose threads
and the stitches that when sewen together
make for an inspiring metropolis of poetry.

My Poem “You + Me”

Our psychic connection
extends over oceans…
our love is like the sun
that shines above…
our hearts beat in time
and as-one…
our dreams at night
are always of one another,
as are our waking thoughts
during the day…
our lives are synchronized…
our magic is the music
that we effortlessly make
without even knowing it…
our world is incomplete
without what gives colour
to our all-seeing eyes…
our shared souls lift
both of our spirits
to the outer limits…
our never ending dance
is a constant blessing…
our constant communication
is as rich, vivid, deep,
and as open as any could be…
our song is the one
that we never want to stop singing…
our natural spark of physical,
emotional, and spiritual electricity
that we share is what gives meaning
to our mutually-assured and shared love,
and what inspires and what is at the heart
of the life-changing formula of you + me.

My Poem ‘Heart of a Poet’

The heart of a poet
is one of the most beautiful, amazing,
wonderful, things in the universe;
the heart of a poet is one of the most pure,
enlightening, electrifying, and special,
miracles of life, that blesses whom it belongs
with a mastery of the most spectacular
and gorgeous of words;
the heart of a poet is always open,
and it feels things and experiences
exceedingly more deeply than usual;
the heart of a poet is like an open wound,
like an open book, and on each page
that the poetry of the poet is written on,
with every word of every verse,
the ink from the poet’s pen
flows like that of the poet’s own blood,
and every drop, or full-stop, is undeniably magical.

The heart of a poet was brought to life,
and beats every day of its life,
because of the the muse, the spark,
that inspired it right from the start;
the heart of a poet has its own distinctive
and individual rhythm, and a signature mark of the poet,
that anybody, no matter when or where,
can feel and see, even in the dark;
the heart of a poet aches to touch the heart of another,
and begs to be touched;
the heart of a poet always bounces back,
even if it has been hurt, or crushed;
the heart of a poet is bigger on the inside,
and even during an entire lifetime
it is impossible for it to completely be filled;
the heart of a poet is at home anywhere –
in space, in the air, under the sea,
breathing in the openness and beauty of a sunny afternoon
looking at the staggering scenery of nature
that surrounds a countryside field.

The heart of a poet is sensitive to sights, sounds,
smells, touch, and emotions;
the heart of a poet is one of life-long love and devotion;
the heart of a poet is better described of as a fire;
the heart of a poet is capable of unbelievable generosity,
and its greatest hope is to be inspired, and to inspire.
The heart of a poet is not given away easily,
and, like trust, you must earn the gift of the bond it forges,
and it should never be taken lightly, or for granted;
the heart of a poet is always scarred,
overactive, unique, and haunted;
the heart of a poet is able to transform
any full-grown adult into a big kid;
there is nothing in the entire world
you will ever encounter, see, read, hear, and touch,
more phenomenal and epic,
than the immortal heart of a poet.