My Poem “Return of the Poet”

Even though, at times, I may have
ventured "Too Close To The Sun",
I will always be the "Poet of the Sphere"...
even though I have written about
"The Wolf in Me", "The Wolf in You",
"The Wolf in Us" and "Vega - The Vampire King",
I will always emanate "The Sound of Mark"...
even though I have been "Playing God",
I will always be "The Eternal Boy"...
I will always be "The Dreamer and The Dream"...
I will always love "Truly Madly Deeply"...
I will always be "The Rambler"...
I will always be the "Poet of the Multiverse"...
I will always be "The Comeback Kid";
because, even though I have stories within me
that I believe are just waiting to be told,
poetry is my life's blood...
poetry is my voice...
poetry is my epic flood...
poetry is my universe within which
I do not have a choice -
because poetry is my destiny,
it always has been
and it always will be...
poetry has brought me gifts of connection...
poetry has always been within me...
there isn't a day that goes by
when I do not open my eyes
and see the light of inspiration...
there isn't a day that goes by
when I do not listen and hear
the rhythm of life's music
in unison with my multi-layered imagination...
even when things seemed to be
coming to the end of their calling,
I always believed that whenever
the time arose when I might need
to be renewed,
the one within would climb,
like a "Rising Star",
and there would no longer be any limits -
because, like a shooting star in the night sky,
there would be no stopping
the return of the poet.

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