My Poem “Life’s Light”

Energy can neither be created nor destroyed,
but energy can change form...
the creation of all things began
billions of years ago,
but nothing is as it was...
people can be emotionally open
and then transition into becoming closed off -
even doors can change
into becoming walls...
you can prepare for the rest of your life,
but what no one can ever be ready for
is the end of days that follows
a particularly painful absence and loss.

Endings are necessary.
Full stops are essential.
Severance hurts,
but sometimes it can also
be seen as an opportunity.
Everything big
over time transitions back
into becoming small.

Generations leave legacies...
life needs regeneration...
love is a dream...
in order to march every army of ideas
needs the beat of a resounding drum...
time is precious beyond belief...
every day needs a night...
the world is not all that we see...
every exposure is a convergence
and a prism of the fundamental
colours of what makes life's light.

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