My Poem “Flight Mode”

Almost as soon as they break through the clouds,
the passengers and the crew members of every aircraft
immediately go into "Flight Mode" -
during which most electronic devices
do not receive, nor are supposed to transmit,
any kind of radio signals
other than those necessary to help
the captain and the pilot know
what it is that they need to know...
almost as soon as a passenger jet
has reached its optimal altitude
is when the onboard experience
of most modern commercial flights begin -
including the enjoyment of
whatever entertainment is available,
as well as whatever food and drink
there is to be ordered and consumed -
and, before long, the time to your destination seems to fly by
and so much so that you wonder
where all the time goes.

While flying anywhere in the world
you can find yourself sitting in front,
behind, and alongside people
you may never have met before,
and after your flight
you may never see again...
while flying anywhere in the world
you can look out of the windows of the cockpit
and find yourself flying over countries
that might have their own distinct culture and language,
but when seen from above
it can be hard to differentiate
one country and its people from another -
because while in the air
the world can look as if it is,
as it should be seen as being,
one and the same.

Since the very beginning
of intercontinental and international travel
it has become increasingly easier
for almost anybody to go
anywhere in the world -
especially since the ability
to be able to book a flight
and to go on holiday
has become even more accessible
and accepted than ever before -
meaning that more people now
than at any other time
can choose to go anywhere and do anything
that their heart desires and then return home
with stories of places, people,
and experiences that they have had,
as well as with souvenirs of where they have been
to share and to show...
flying is such a normal activity
for most people to be able to do
in this day and age, that almost as soon
as some people arrive from their getaway somewhere
they are already looking in the direction
of the departures lounge of the airport
they have just flown into
and can not wait to return to where they have been
so that they can once again
turn on their "Flight Mode."

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