My Poem “In store”

I used to love watching sunrises and sunsets -
but now, whenever I see one,
all I can think about
is how many more I will get to enjoy,
and how much time I have left;
time was always something
that I thought I had a lot of,
time with people was something
that I foolishly took for granted -
then I was physically and emotionally
struck by a loss so overwhelming
that my entire attitude towards life
and what was important was impacted.

Some things hit you hard
but you learn to recover from them...
some things knock you off your stride
but you can relearn how to walk again...
some things you can stop doing
but you can resume at a later date;
however, there are some things -
like seeing the face of someone
who you love who you have lost -
that you know you might have to
hold on to for a long time,
because if you want to see someone again
you might have to wait,
and, most importantly,
you might have to hold on
to something even more
valuable and precious: your faith.

Over the course of a life
everybody finds someone
and something to believe in...
from beginning to end
everybody's life is a story
that has so much detail to it
that even if you tried
you wouldn't be able to recall,
nor capture, every last thing...
when you wake up every morning
it can take a while to remember
who you are, where, and what happened -
even the events of the night before...
when everybody goes to bed at night -
but before they dream the night away -
there is a time that feels like you are
watching a tide rise that you are unable
to stop looking at and can not walk away from
because what is coming towards you
is a force of the universe
that reminds us of where we came from,
where we've been, where we are going,
and somewhere that only those
who perceive time nonlinearly
know for sure what is ultimately in store.

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