My Poems “In Their Own Words”

Words are powerful...
Words are meaningful...
Words can only have their required impact
when they are used in combination
with other words that interlock
either side of them in a sentence...
Words can be the key to deciphering
a particular reference...
Words can only mean what they do
when they have lived a life of interchangeability...
Words are used in unison with sounds and images
when we dream or when we wish to
convey a thought, an idea, a message to those
close, far, intentionally, or accidentally.

We can find words... We can lose words...
We can adopt words... We can save words...
We can build are world and a life with words...
We can watch someone be brought
to their knees with words -
because words have a weight to them,
words have a gravity to them,
words have a way about them
that when evoked in a certain way,
and when innunciated in a particular fashion
by a diction-endowed individual,
can open minds, ears, eyes, mouths,
to such a degree that allows for
the continuance of language, in all its forms,
throughout the infinite universes that harbor
many different worlds, many different sunrises,
many different communicators, authors,
dreamers, artists, writers, poets
capable of telling their own story,
but only in their own words.

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