My Poem “The Time is Now”

It's 3 A.M. again...
it's the time of after and before...
it's quiet - which means it is
the perfect time to listen...
it is now when people like me
awaken in the dark after being
awoken to think more upon
what our inner-self wishes to explore.

It is not a time suited for everybody...
it is not a time when that many
might wish to converse;
however, in my experience, it is a fertile time
to walk through the garden of poetry and inspiration -
because it is a time when the mind of everyone,
especially a poet, is open to more than they might think...
it is time to let your thoughts wander clearly
without the expectation that you might find yourself
leap from one extreme scenario to another
like you might during a dream.

It is before the sun has risen
when I have repeatedly found myself
considering where I am, why, and how?
It is while the moon is still in the sky
when I have ventured to answer
the question: where do I go from here?
It is after leaving behind the fog of the dream-world
that I try and recapture something that I may have
discovered while traversing my own internal ocean -
that is both of my own making
but is also connected to something
a great deal more vast and deep...
It is now when I have always been more aware
of who and what surrounds me and defines me -
and I believe that for the rest of my life
it will always be this time when
multiple realities will continue to meet,
and whether consciously, or not,
decide that the time is now
to reveal themselves to me.

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