My Poem “Continue on”

Everything has an end date...
Everyone has an end fate...
Everything deteriorates over time...
Everyone, no matter how long they live,
only has a relatively short life.

Everything has a use...
Everyone has a path...
Everything has an expected way to be used...
Everyone has a first and a last.

Everything can be lost,
and sometimes things can be forgotten...
Everyone is human and is connected
to everybody else
and there are times when, to some people,
we are all important.

Everything is influenced by everyone
who interacts with them...
Everyone is an example of what is
necessary to remember every day -
that our time here on Earth with
those nearest and dearest to us is temporary,
so the memories that we make
should be captured in every way that we can.

Everything only means something
when someone gives it an identity
that stays with people that
even after an attempt at reinvention
they can not lose...
Everyone can be someone's Everything -
but because the spirit of someone
is more deep and complex than something,
people can not easily be moved on from -
because the echo, the shadow, the aura
of who they are, who they were,
and who they will always be
will continue on.

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