My Poem “What You Make of It”

Time is precious. Time is fast.
Time can be counted
in the things we have done,
in the things we have collected,
in the people we have met,
or perhaps in the steps that we have taken -
like those that need to be remembered
when learning a dance.

Time can be found.
Time can go missing.
Time can be filled with sound.
Time can be filled with silence -
and it is in those moments
when we all should listen.

Time can be spent doing many things.
Time is what gifts me inspiration.
Time can be perceived as being
both a curse as well as a blessing.
Time is a beginning, a journey,
an experience, as well as a destination.

Time is the when, the what, the why,
and the how we can be who we want to be.
Time can be truth as well as a secret.
Time is real as well as a dream.
Time can be so encompassing
that it can make you believe
that where you are, when, and with whom
could not be any more perfect -
but Time is always open to interpretation,
because in essence Time
is what you make of it.

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