My Poem “Blood”

Who I am... what I am...
what I have done...
where I have been is
and will always be within me...
what I have dreamed...
what I have lived through...
who I have done what I have done with
has always been, and will always be,
within every one of my stories
and within every verse of my poetry.

Nobody can go back and edit
moments from their own past...
nobody can undo what has been done...
nobody can stop time racing by too fast...
nobody can deny moments from their life
of defiance, of rebellion, of pleasure -
especially those that at a given time
were unapologetically fun.

You have the power to choose
some things in your life...
you have the gift to run
or to stay stuck in the mud...
you have the opportunity every day
to light a fire in someone else's eyes...
you have the spirit and the energy within you
to connect generations of time
by allowing your imagination to wander,
by allowing your dreams to become real,
and by interpreting the messages left
by our ancestors that will forever be
encoded within the story of our genetics
that can be found within a single drop of blood.

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