My Poem “Celestially Lit”

Last night the tail of a meteorite
streaked across the sky...
last night a star fell to Earth
and as it burnt up in the atmosphere
those who were lucky to be looking up
were hynotized by the sight
of this interstellar visitor being
transformed from a space rock
into a fireball of energy and light.

Whenever a piece of the cosmos
gets so close to our world
that it can almost touch it
there is always something magical about it...
whenever our ancestors witnessed
an interstellar phenomenona
they always found a way to
somehow make a record of it -
because it was always believed
that whenever a piece of outer space
was seen by the people of our planet
it was a sign and potentially heralding
a time of great change was due to begin.

Today I could feel that something
had indeed changed...
today I could feel that something -
call it a wave of fate -
was carrying me to somewhere
I needed to be once again...
today I could feel this pull -
like the force of gravity -
take me away and remind me
of who I used to be once upon a time
and who I will always be no matter
where I am or who I am with...
today was beautiful, amazing,
and transformative in so many ways...
today was full of life, nature,
and bright sunshine that shone down from above
and made sure that everything that I saw
and everywhere that I went
my eyes were gifted by the beauty
of our world that can only be seen
when nature is spectacularly
and celestially lit.

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