My Poem “Down Time”

What do you do when you
have not got anything to do?
Where do you go when you
have not got anywhere to go?
How do you spend the time you have
that has not already been allocated
to doing things like chores, commitments,
family, shopping, or work?
If you have the opportunity to
do what you want what do you choose?
Something that will make time go by fast,
or something that will make time go slow?
People who have an incredibly busy
and frenetic work day may choose
to spend their time off resting their feet,
switching off their mind,
while listening to music, while reading books,
while playing games, or while watching
films or something on TV,
as they engage in escaping from reality.

People who spend their time in their professional life
perhaps wearing a uniform, or a shirt and tie
from the hours of 9 to 5,
might be among those inclined
to do things that take them out of their comfort zone
and push their senses and their instincts to the limit...
people who don't get to do any physical
during their working week
might get up on a weekend morning
and immediately feel drawn to go
to the gym, to go for a bike ride,
or to go for a walk or a run
just so they can feel the exhilaration
of revitalising their body, their mind, and their spirit.

For some people, when they have time to spare,
they like to bond with their family
while doing something that love to share,
whether that is an indoor or an outdoor activity -
however just as long as they are within
close proximity to one another and having fun
that is all that matters and even if it is raining
they would rather be with who
they want to be with, where they want to be,
and doing what gives their life meaning...
for some people the moments
when they are not thinking about others
are few and far between,
and that is why they do not get
the chance to close their eyes
and think about what they
might want to do for themselves -
but even those people who work
all hours that God sends in order
to provide for their family
do find brief seconds and minutes
to make the most of the gift
of some "down time" which always
picks them back up again.

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