My Poem “What we leave behind”

Every day we all meet people
who influence our thoughts,
our feelings, our emotions, our actions,
our intentions going forward -
what keeps us awake during the day
and what keeps us dreaming at night...
every day I see and I experience
a wave of connection touch me -
sometimes slow, gentle and subtle,
sometimes fast, hard and heavy -
and sometimes I know immediately
what this force that I feel means to me,
but sometimes it takes some time
for me to realize what has impacted upon me
and what path it will ultimately lead me down.

Every day we all give others gifts
that might be big, that might be small,
that might be useful, that might be short-lived,
that might be indellible like a tattoo,
that might be beautiful like a genuine smile
that makes a person's face beam
brighter than the brightest sunlight...
every day I share what has inspired me,
what has got under my skin,
what has changed me,
what shows itself from below the surface
of my consciousness ocean
like a shark's dorsal fin.

Every day we all leave an impression on people,
just like someone's footsteps do upon the wet sand
of a beach when the tide goes in and out,
and sometimes the impressions left
last longer than they were expected to...
every day I am grateful for certain things,
I am grateful for certain people,
I am grateful for certain choices that I have made,
I am grateful for certain experiences,
certain moments in time,
and certainties of life...
every day we all interact with objects
that have been on a journey
from the moment of their creation -
like a message in a bottle
that finds itself bobbing up and down
and being carried far across the sea,
or like a pair of shoes that take
their wearer miles before it is time
for them to give up the ghost.

Every day I hope that I have had
a positive influence and I have made
positive impact upon everybody I have met -
whether in person, literally,
virtually, intentionally, or indirectly -
and that people who might be old friends,
new friends, strangers, and those
who know me by my face and my name
but not yet personally,
are grateful and they will always be thankful
for whatever it is of mine that they find
which I have left behind.


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