My Poem “Arise”

Like a wave of solar energy,
the solstice and the longest day
heralded the arrival of not only new light,
but also of new hope, of new optimism,
and also a new reason to live
and a new reason to love, as well...
like a soft breeze through a field of daisies,
the sight of nature all around us
reminds all who want to see it
the unbreakable connection
that exists between all things
that is so innocent, so important,
so serene, so peaceful, so beautiful...
like a dream made real,
wherever people get the opportunity
to embrace the gift of what nature is -
like when someone sets foot upon
the wet sand of a beach
or they go for a paddle
in the shallows of the sea;
or like in 1966 when Neil Armstrong
set foot on the moon -
there is always this impact and this imprint
made that reverberates like a guitar string
or like the skin of a drum...
like a drop of water on a desert floor,
like a tap on a windowpane
by the beak of a bird,
like the moment a child first sees their reflection,
like the moments when you feel as if
time has stood still for you for some reason,
or like watching a butterfly flutter their wings -
there is so much detail, depth,
meaning, and spirit to feel,
to breathe in, to embrace,
and to make a part of you,
from which there is no
knowing what will follow;
but sometimes you have to
let things arise naturally -
like the spark of love, life, light
that can be seen in a person's eyes.

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