My Poem “Jubilee”

It is always good to have
a moment of celebration...
it is always rejuvenating to have
a time of reconciliation...
it is always amazing to have
a gathering together of people
at a special event or a party...
it is always wonderful to see
an entire nation of people young and old
seemingly united, excited,
and proud to be who and what they are,
as they take the time to display
and wave the flag of their home,
while also recognising the achievement
of longevity and leadership of their
Head of State, their Monarch,
at the time of a milestone jubilee.

There is a reason why children and adults
love watching fireworks explode at night...
there is a reason why people
love going to places and doing things
they do not do every day...
there is a reason why children and adults
love the escapism of books, films, television,
radio, music, streaming, games,
and why some people actively go looking for
a reason to physically jump after a fright...
there is a reason why some people
like to get dressed up and make even more
of an effort than they usually do,
and it is usually to signify the importance
to them of a special date.

Everybody needs hope in their lives...
everybody needs something and someone
to look to and to believe in...
everybody needs to fulfil a dream...
everybody needs light...
everybody occasionally needs a win...
everybody sometimes needs to be
around as many people of their kin,
their country, or their kingdom,
at a moment of feverish collective jubilation.

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