My Poem “The things that we will do”

Sometimes it is amazing
the lengths that people will go to...
sometimes it is amazing
the things that people will do
for a friend, for a family member,
for a companion, for a complete stranger
in order to help them out
and give them support in some way...
sometimes people will do things
for the people who mean the most to them
that they would not dream of doing for anyone else;
however when the time arrives
and when the need arises
for someone to step up
and do something extraordinary
some people always manage
to go the extra mile, to pull out all the stops,
in order to make sure that their devotion
for someone is in full display...
sometimes the things people will do
for love are the most extreme -
some people have been known
to act in such a manner
and to accomplish such feats of inspiration
and endurance that they might rival
those with the greatest intellectual
or physical prowess...
sometimes the things that people can accomplish
when the clock is ticking
and when time is running out
and when a decisive decision needs to be made
speak volumes about the capability
and the capacity of people -
especially when they are under duress...
sometimes life tests us all,
because sometimes something or someone
wants to see what we're all made of
and to what tune our heart rings true...
sometimes it amazes me what things
people, including myself,
depending on the time and the place we find ourselves,
will ultimately be compelled to do.

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