My Poem “Full of It”

All my life I have felt
the feeling of being full
and overflowing of many things:
energy, ideas, happiness,
inspiration, love, stories,
memories, experiences,
hopes, and dreams -
and what I have been full of has been
so profound and so uncontainable,
whatever I have felt soaked
from head to toe with, like a sponge,
invariably finds a way to the outside
and has be seen, heard, and felt
by people far and wide.

I was always a child who could be
seen running around -
as if I had been stung by a bee -
just so that I could exert
the power of the spirit within me...
during the Summer time
I swear that I was like solar panel
who drew on the heat and the light
all around me because I felt like it
motivated me to go faster and faster.

As I have grown older my mind,
my imagination and my creativity,
as well as my body, has on multiple occasions
felt as if it has been sparked to life
to allow me to see things with so much
depth of colour and clarity of vision
that I have attempted to put into words
the beauty and the poetry that I believe
is there for anybody to see.

I have admittedly always been optimistic,
perhaps sometimes to a fault -
but I cannot help who I am at my heart,
nor can I help what I have within me:
and whatever and whenever
I feel myself seemingly
electrified and charged with energy
that courses through my veins,
watch out world, because I am full of it.

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